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August 2011 Edition
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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church   

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


First Spiritualist Church of African Traditions - Yahwe 

Cocoa, Florida. Pastor: Rev. Dr. Apostle Christos Kioni 



 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary   

California High Desert. Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church

Miami, Florida. Pastor: Rev. D. John Michael Hilford.


 Sanctuary Of United Light

San Antonio, Texas. Pastor: Rev. Briana Saussy.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas. Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Forestville, California. Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.

 House of Prophecy Spiritual Church

Birmingham, Alabama. Pastor:  Rev. Brother Jeffrey Vanderson.



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This month we look at
The CSL Prayer Wall,
 an exercise in Finding Clarity,
A chat with Sister Robin,
and more!


 The New CSL Prayer Wall
As we continue to reach out and help as many people as we can, the Crystal Silence League has established a virtual prayer wall.  Now anyone can offer their prayer request online and we will pray for them.  This is a free service and public outreach of the Crystal Silence League. 
How it works
 When someone has a prayer request to make, they go to the Crystal Silence League prayer requests page.   Here they enter the appropriate information.  Only the prayer request and first name are publicly posted on the wall. 


The members of the Crystal Silence League can now offer prayers specifically for that person.  A very nice feature is that anyone who sees the public prayer requests can pray for that person and let them know by clicking the button.  We send them a brief email letting them know that a prayer has been offered for them.  Isn't that a wonderful way to share a bit your time, heart and compassion? 


We are glad to offer this service and hope that you will share it with anyone you know who could use our  prayers.  


CSL in action

Dr. Johannes and Miss Benedikte sent this picture of a crystal ball they have mounted outdoors. The crystal is directly outside the Trolldom Chapel, which was built in the 1700s, and is located in the deep forest of Värmland, Sweden. They invite anyone of Scandinavian descent who might benefit from prayers from this ancestral land, to mention this in their prayer request. Dr. Johannes and Miss Benedickte will address the prayers in their ancestors' original language and tell the ancestors about their descendants who are in need of help. 

Thank you Dr. Johannes and  Miss Benedikte!


If you have a crystal ball altar or crystal prayer space that you would like to share with the members of the Crystal Silence League, visit here with a picture and tell us about it. 

Finding Clarity 

Often the problems that occur in life are not quick and easy puzzles to solve.  It is difficult at times to know where to even start with the problem solving.  This exercise will help you find clarity for such difficult situations.  It only takes a few minutes a day to perform.




This exercise was developed using a clear sphere.  The symbolic association of clarity is important in this exercise. Using a sphere that is clear and without distraction will be most useful. Other than the sphere, you will need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 5-15 minutes.


1. The first step is to make a visualization of your problem.  Example:  Let's say that your co-worker, Bob, owes you money.  But Bob always either has an excuse or successfully avoids contact with you.  Due to the politics at work, you have to be nice to Bob.  In this case, you might make a picture in your mind of Bob, at work, with his back to you, greedily clutching your money and looking over his shoulder towards you.    


2.  Let go of the emotional attachement to the image.  This can be a challenge at first.  (In our example, Bob has been a real jerk.  But when using the visualization of Bob we have to let go of our anger and frustration and just see a guy with his back to us who owes us money.)  Work to eliminate emotional content from your visualization.  


3.  Sit comfortably with your sphere in gazing position.


4. Begin your breathing as you gaze:

Inhale on a count of four.

Hold the breath in on a count of two.

Exhale on a count of four.

Hold out on a count of two before inhaling again.

Repeat.  You will maintain this breathing for the the whole exercise.  (It becomes second nature with just a little practice.) 


5. Project your visualization of the problem into the sphere.  Work at maintaining your detached visualization while you gaze.  Just see it as a picture in the sphere.  As it becomes a steady image, notice the different parts of the image.  Be aware of any changes that occur in the image.

Continue for 5 to 15 minutes.


6.  Cleanse.  You can either do this practically by going to the sink and splashing your face with water or ritually by washing your hands in a bowl of scented water.  The point is to make an outward, visible sign of cleansing yourself of the visualization.  


Do this daily for nine days or until the problem is solved. If after nine days the problem still exists. wait three days before you continue.  If this is the case, be sure to refine and perfect your visualization.



 This exercise can manifest results in different ways. 

* One can occur while your are gazing.  If this happens you will have an idea or insight into the problem that will snap you out of your gaze.  You will know it because it is typically a surprising experience or awareness.

* Another way that this occurs is while you are away from your gazing session.  An answer or insight to your problem will present itself to you from seemingly out of nowhere.  

* Sometimes the work you put into the gazing actually begins to create a solution to to your problem.  A chain effect of intention and action occurs and the problem is solved.  



This exercise is just one of the many techniques explained in a forthcoming book on crystal gazing, brought to you by the Crystal Silence League.

Our Denomination
This month we are having a chat with Sister Robin of Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage.  Sister Robin is a spiritual artist and she is going to share a bit of her vision with us. 



CSL:  Sister Robin,  Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage is a wonderful project.  Could you please tell us about it?


Sister Robin: It has been my spiritual passion to create a place where I can show my devotion to Santisima Muerte and also provide a place where anyone who is devoted can come to worship Santisima Muerte and also enjoy some fellowship with each other. We also intend to do some outreach in the community for those afflicted by the disease of drug addiction. 


CSL:  You are a very creative person.  Are there any particular images (or styles of depiction) of Santisima Muerte that really speak to your creativity?


Sister Robin:  I do enjoy taking images or figurines of the Virgin of Guadalupe and transforming her through painting  into Santisima Muerte. It seems somehow fitting as they are actually sisters. I also love to sew and so I enjoy making my La Calavera Catrina dolls. This is the female skeleton image made popular by the Dio de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration in Mexico. 


I imagine these fine ladies are actually the ladies in waiting for my beloved Saint. I do have examples of all of these in photos on the Chapel's Facebook page. I am looking forward to the next project I am working on,  creating my life sized Saint for the Chapel. She will be dressed in black and purple lace with a crown. I have decided to find a globe and scales for her to hold, too. I love making things for and about her because it gives me such wonderful time to be in prayer and meditation. She speaks to me as I stitch or paint away, giving me her loving sure guidance.  What a blessing!


CSL:  That certainly is a blessing.  Is there a message or insight that you have received from Santisima Muerte that you could leave us with?


Sister Robin: Life is so hard; be kind to each other.


We want to thank Sister Robin for sharing her time and creativity with us.  You can visit the  Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage website here.  



"I've been meditating and praying daily with my clear crystal sphere ever since the Crystal Silence League was re-established.  It's a wonderful experience to start every day with a glimmer of prayer, and it's making me more confident about my candles, mojo bags and other work.

I don't start with specified affirmations; I let them come to me as I gaze.   I can't express HOW MUCH spiritual fun I'm having!"
Miss Michaele,  Willits, California.

If you have an experience or discovery that you would like to share, send a message to the newsletter editor, Brother Vanderson.


 Remember the daily method.
  Continue to connect with us in mind and heart.