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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church   

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


First Spiritualist Church of African Traditions - Yahwe 

Cocoa, Florida. Pastor: Rev. Dr. Apostle Christos Kioni 



 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary   

California High Desert. Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church

Miami, Florida. Pastor: Rev. D. John Michael Hilford.


 Sanctuary Of United Light

San Antonio, Texas. Pastor: Rev. Briana Saussy.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas. Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Forestville, California. Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.

 House of Prophecy Spiritual Church

Birmingham, Alabama. Pastor:  Rev. Brother Jeffrey Vanderson.



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This month we have a very powerful technique for you that transforms visualizing wealth into finding wealth! 


Personal Magnetism, Wealth Magnetism


The Personal Magnetism of individuals is a subtle combination of Thought-Force and Will-Power.  Each individual possesses and manifests Personal Magnetism of some kind and in some degree.  The range of type and degree, however is great:  it includes the strongest and the weakest, the most positive, and the most negative.   This range accounts for the different degree and types of "personality" which you have found in the various individuals with which you have come into contact.


Thoughtful observers have always noted that when two persons meet, except in the most casual of way, and often even then, there usually occurs a conscious or unconscious psychological struggle for mastery and supremacy. 


If you do not feel that natural sense of mastery, then your your personal magnetism is vulnerable and needs to be developed.



How may one develop Positive Personal Magnetism?  


This is a question for which Claude Alexander had a simple answer.  He would say, "By focusing your personal magnetism upon its positive pole by means of positive thought and through concentrated visualization using a crystal ball."  


That answer gives the principle and method in a very condensed form.


You are about to receive a powerful tool as a gift exclusively for members of the Crystal Silence League.  It is a simple visualization and manifestation exercise that has profound implications.


All you need is your crystal ball and ten minutes for three consecutive days.


1. Center yourself and focus on the crystal.  


2. In the crystal, visualize a specific coin, a Quarter. 


3. Visualize the coin as if it were laying on the ground.  


4. While you continue to see the Quarter allow the ground on which it is resting to change.  See it on the sidewalk, then in the grass, then on the floor of a store, then on a set of steps.  Allow the visualization to place the Quarter anywhere. Do this for ten minutes three days in a row.


Remarkably, 98% of people who have succeeded with this visualization exercise have reported finding an unusually high number of quarters for the next few weeks.    


This exercise is just one of the many techniques explained in a forthcoming book on crystal gazing, brought to you by the Crystal Silence League.


 "I wanted to say that even though I've missed a few times, since I started doing the daily crystal meditations, I have noticed a much needed calmness enter my life.  Thank you."  Sonia B.  -New York. 

If you have an experience or discovery that you would like to share, send a message to the newsletter editor, Brother Vanderson.


 Remember the daily method.
  Continue to connect with us in mind and heart.
The Crystal Silence League.