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Blogosphere roundup / September 2011
Welcome to E4C's blogosphere roundup. This is a snapshot of what happened this month online and in the world in the fields of humanitarian technology, design and international development.
The Stanford Social Innovation Review's first in a series of interviews with leading innovators is with Stephen Song, the founder of Village Telco, a social enterprise that aims to make starting a telephone company as easy as starting a blog.


E4C's Instructable needs your votes
E4C's debut on the DIY construction, crafts and hobbies website Instructables is a hand-drawn set of plans for building a large clean-burning cookstove. The plans are now in a contest called
"Survival Challenge," and we'll appreciate your vote and comments.
The inaugural IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference takes place in Seattle, Washington on Oct. 30. Join technologists, representatives from NGOs, governments, academia, funders and industry for informative presentations and leading research in humanitarian technology.  This will provide an opportunity to share your work, meet others, create new projects and meet with funders. 
Water Hackathon is on!
Water Hackathon challenges water experts and software developers from around the world to co-create solutions for today's water problems. Find out how you can lend your skills to the mission at WaterHackathon. 
Live from the Solar Decathlon
19 teams from around the world have unveiled innovative sun-powered projects to create the most affordable, efficient, and strikingly designed house. Inhabitat takes a first look at all of this year's homes, and they tell the story in photos.
Maker Faire NYC, a photo set on flickr
E4C represented with a table at Maker Faire NYC. These are our photos of this amazing event.
HealthMap: Auto-updated int'l health info
Looking for public health data? HealthMap brings together data sources and automatically updates them around the clock. The system monitors, organizes, integrates, filters, visualizes and disseminates online information about emerging diseases in nine languages, facilitating early detection of global public health threats.
Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light)
Isang Litrong Liwanag



This sustainable lighting project takes the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to underprivileged communities. See its work in this inspiring video, and visit their website for more information. 
IEEE Humanitarian Tech Webinar: OneBeep's radio education program 
IEEE Humanitarian Tech Webinar: OneBeep's radio education program
"Helping Communities: Sending educational data via radiowaves". This IEEE webinar introduces the work of OneBeep, a team of students that has developed a way to send educational data over radio waves to impoverished communities. 

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