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Maureen's Marketing Moment
 Mom was Right! Mind your Manners.



From childhood you've probably been taught to mind "your P's and Q's." While there are multiple opinions on the origin of that phrase, most people agree on the importance of good manners. Yet according to a Lenox etiquette poll, nearly five out of ten people are skipping one of the basic rules of good manners--they're not saying "thank you."


In business as in life, this courtesy is a simple but powerful way to get people to view you--and your business--positively. And since nearly 50 percent of people are forgetting to do it, remembering your mother's advice could actually become a competitive advantage for your business.


Recently, we asked you--our newsletter readers--to send us your feedback. Your response was overwhelming. We're also indebted to Constant Contact and our wonderful clients for their support. So Celia and I feel a few thank you's of our own are in order.





Thank you, Readers for sending your feedback and for reading Maureen's Marketing Moment each month.


Thank you, Constant Contact for selecting us as your first guest blogger, for sponsoring our free marketing seminars, and for incorporating our Facebook Page into your nationwide seminars.


Thank you, Clients for your positive reviews.  



Expressing your thanks takes but a moment, but the effect is undeniable. So, remember to slow down long enough to thank those who make your business possible. And while you're at it, why not thank your mother? After all, she was right!  

To your success,


Dudley & Nunez Communications
Constant Contact Corner
Constant Contact has a thank you of their own this month. Any customer who signs up for the new product, Social Campaigns, by April 30 will get 50% off for life. Give it a try!
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