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   November 2011 
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GeoMAPP Info Partner Meeting 12/8 -- Bus Planning Tools & Wrapup
GIS Day (11/16)
New GeoMAPP Tools - Archival Metadata for GIS
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Conferences & Events 
GeoMAPP is scheduled to participate in the following conferences during Autumn 2011:

GIS Day  (11/16)
Various events being held across the country. Check for events in your area. 


GeoMAPP Informational Partners Meetings
Thursday, Dec 8
3:00-4:30 pm EST
Topic: GeoMAPP Wrap-up, Lessons Learned, Tools




You are receiving this e-mail newsletter as a GeoMAPP informational partner or full partner. Visit the GeoMAPP website for all of the latest information on the GeoMAPP program.
We'd like to invite you to attend our final GeoMAPP Informational Partners session, on December 8 and join the discussion as we introduce the business planning tools, recap the GeoMAPP project, review lessons learned, and look ahead to what's next for geospatial archiving. See below for more information.

GeoMAPP Informational PartnersGeoMapp Info Partners w MO

Topic: GeoMAPP Wrapup

When: Thurs 12/8, 3:00-4:30 EST


Please join the GeoMAPP team as we host the last in our series of Informational Partner meetings on Thursday, Dec. 8. We will be introducing the newly developed business planning tools, and then leading a discussion recapping the GeoMAPP project, summarizing lessons learned, and what's next for geoarchiving.  


Look for a brief survey in your email inbox that seeks your input on what topics you'd like to discuss in our final meeting.  


If you need additional information on how to join us, please contact for more details.

GIS Day  

LOCATION: Various across the country (11/16)

GIS Day is an internationally recognized day to promote geographic awareness. Several of the GeoMAPP partners will be participating in events in their regions:
Kentucky Dept. for Libraries & Archives will be participating in the University of Kentucky event in Lexington, KY.
North Carolina State Archives & NCCGIA will be participating in the Wake County event in Raleigh, NC
Montana State Library will be participating in the state capital event in Helena, MT.

You can also check the GIS Day website for events in your area


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GeoMAPP Web Site

New Tools and

Presentations Available


Check out the GeoMAPP web site for new tools and presentations including


new white paper:  

new presentations:

You may also want to check out our other recent additions: Archival Metadata Elements for the Preservation of Geospatial Datasets, Geospatial Data File Formats Quick Reference Guide,  Dust Free Data, Utilizing Geospatial Metadata to Support Data Preservation Practices, and a new User Guide for LOC's BagIt file packaging and verification tool.


GeoMAPP Team