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   August 2011 
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New GeoMAPP Tools - Geospatial Data File Formats
GeoMAPP Info Partner Meeting 7/28
2011 Esri International User Conference (7/11-7/15)
NAGARA/CoSA Joint Annual Meeting (7/13-7/16)
NDIIPP/NDSA Partners Meeting (7/19-7/21)
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GeoMAPP is scheduled to participate in the following conferences during Autumn 2011:

Society of American Archivsts  (8/22-8/27)   Chicago, IL


Best Practices Exchange (10/20-10/22) Lexington, KY




You are receiving this e-mail newsletter as a GeoMAPP informational partner or full partner. Visit the GeoMAPP website for all of the latest information on the GeoMAPP program.
GeoMAPP participated in several conferences during the month of July. We appreciated seeing those of you who were able to join us. The presentations are now available for you to view and download.
We also hosted a GeoMAPP Informational Partners session, on July 28 and had a good discussion related to archival appraisal for geospatial datasets. The presentation from this meeting is also available.

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GeoMAPP Web Site

New Tools and

Presentations Available

Check out the GeoMAPP web site for new tools and presentations including the new: Geospatial Data File Formats Quick Reference Guide.


You may also want to check out our other recent additions: Dust Free Data, Utilizing Geospatial Metadata to Support Data Preservation Practices, and a new User Guide for LOC's BagIt file packaging and verification tool.


Check the Presentations and Publications page for these and many other tools to assist in your geoarchiving projects.

 GeoMAPP Informational PartnersGeoMapp Info Partners w MO

Topic: Geospatial Data Archival Appraisal

When: Thurs 7/28/2011, 3:00-4:30 EDT


The GeoMAPP team is hosted another in its series of Informational Partner meetings on Thursday, July 28, and discussed appraisal of geospatial data for archiving. Representatives from seven of the Informational Partner states attended and joined in the dicussion. A highlight of the meeting was being introduced to swine lagoons, and their potential appraisal assessment.


The GeoMAPP team plans to host two more Informational Partner meetings before the end of 2011, and will be sending out more information as those dates are scheduled. 

2011 Esri International User Conference 

Geospatial Data Preservation

LOCATION: San Diego, CA (7/11-7/15)

The GeoMAPP team convened in San Diego, CA for the annual Esri International User Conference. The GeoMAPP team's participation included:
1. an introduction to the GeoMAPP project: Dust Free Data,
2. hosting, for the third year, a Geospatial Data Preservation Special Interest Group


The GeoMAPP team also had the opporutnity to engage with Esri staff to provide product feedback and input with regard to preserving and archiving geospatial data.

NAGARA/CoSA Joint Annual Meeting

Archiving Files with Complex Formats - Geospatial Examples

LOCATION: Nashville, TN (7/13-7/16)

The GeoMAPP team joined with government archivists and records administrators and delivered a presentation, Archiving Files withe Complex Formats - Geospatial Examples, exploring the challenges related to archiving complex digital file formats, highlighting geospatial datasets as an illustrative example. 

NDIIPP/NDSA Partners Meeting

Stewardship of Digital Information

LOCATION: Washington, DC (7/19-7/21)

The GeoMAPP team participated in the first joint National Digital Information Infrastracuture and Preservation Program / National Digital Stewardship Alliance conference.  The GeoMAPP team presented a poster introducting the GeoMAPP project, the challenges it's addressing, metadata creation, and archived geospatial data access.  In addition the team demonstrated prototypes of access interfaces to archived geospatial datasets, including the prototypes to the GeoMAPP partners own digital collections, as well as through Geospatial OneStop. A video of the demonstration is available, or forthose wanting to explore the access points, visit the demonstration web page. There is also a brief recorded slide show that describes how archives can use both GIS Inventory and GOS to increase access to their archived geospatial colelctions.

GeoMAPP Team