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Conference Presentations
The third quarter of 2010 was highlighted by extensive outreach efforts and a significant ramp up in working group activity. The team had extensive participation at theESRI International Users Conference, the world's largest GIS conference, and also presented in well attended sessions at the Society of American Archivists annual meeting, the NDIIPP partners meeting, and the Best Practices Exchange. GeoMAPP had a chance for face to face collaboration at the Fall Partners Meeting in Phoenix which preceded the 2010 Best Practices Exchange.


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GeoMAPP Information Partners Meeting

Thursday, December 2 at 3:00-4:30 EST

TOPIC: Business Planning

The GeoMAPP team will hold an Information Partners on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 3:00 EST to discuss GIS Archival Business Planning. If you are interested in joining, contact for more details.

We appreciate this opportunity to share GeoMAPP project information and hear your insights.

Fall Partners Meeting
Geomapp partner states The Fall Partners meeting in Phoenix had a compressed one day schedule highlighted by collaborative discussions of working group tasks and planned approaches for project deliverables. The team also rejuvenated the Informational Partner outreach by holding a meeting to discuss state data access approaches. The team scheduled regular every other month  meetings with the Info Partners with preplanned topics heading into 2011 and also added Illinois as a new Informational Partner.
Outreach and Mentoring Group


The Outreach and Mentoring group had a very active third quarter. The GeoMAPP team presented at the ESRI International Users Group in San Diego, CA. While in San Diego the team also engaged key members of the geospatial vendor/industry community (including ESRI) about data preservation matters. The team also presented to the Electronic Records Section for the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting 2010.  At the end of the quarter, the team presented on several topics including developing a business case, lessons learned, and tools for managing their geoarchives at the Best Practices Exchange 2010 Libraries and Archives in Digital Age. The North Carolina partners also presented on GeoMAPP to the North Carolina ArcUsers Group and engaged the City of Charlotte on discussions regarding the pilot transfer of potential archival datasets to the State Archives.
Administration Working Group
From an administrative standpoint the initial highlight of Q3 was the final adoption of the project workplan at the beginning of the quarter, featuring fixed dates, task owners and participants. The team also held a highly productive face to face partners meeting in Phoenix AZ. During the meeting and in the week following, the team provided detailed feedback on RFP materials that will be used to solicit and add two new full time partner states to the project in the 4th quarter.
Preservation and Data Transfer
The Preservation and Data Transfer group continued to have bi-weekly conference calls and began assigning "leads" among the working group for various work plan tasks.  Beginning and ending dates were also assigned to the various tasks within the work plan.  The team's primary focus during the period was centered on a file format document.  This document began as survey of different geospatial file formats, both raster and vector that were being encountered in each of the states.  As the group began discussion of the different formats it became apparent that there were obsolete formats, and formats that were becoming obsolete, still being used in each of the states.  The group decided that it would be helpful for archivists primarily, but possibly even newer GIS personnel that didn't have experience with older formats, to have a quick reference chart to describe each of the identified formats and give some basic preservation advice about how to handle the format in question.  The group also began looking at the different types of metadata that both professions use and identify which elements are the most important to preservation.  The working group presented the file formats document and the outline of metadata discussions to the rest of the GeoMAPP team at the BPE conference at the end of September.
Storage and Access Group
The Storage and Access group made good strides in its investigation of various technologies. At the BPE meeting in Phoenix, the team had a lengthy discussion about storage options and shared conclusions about storage during presentations at the conference including a preference for NAS device storage, as opposed to more expensive SAN or hard-to-manage tape. APPX testing continued, and the map search interface also continued to be developed in Utah. Testing into consolidated access tools began with the upload of Utah data to the ArcGIS online and Geocommons portals and documentation of the experience.

GeoMAPP Team
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