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ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems (a subsidiary of Ashbury International Group, Inc.) will be presenting an Emergency Preparedness Equipment Technology Briefing entitled "Extreme Weather Emergencies, Disasters and the Role of NOAA All Hazard Radio Communications" on Thursday, October 27, 2011.  This briefing and associated communication demonstrations will be held at the Ashbury International Group, Inc. facility in Ruckersville, Virginia.  Registration is required for this event.


We will be pleased to host Mr. Bruce Thomas, Chief Meteorologist and National Spokesperson for Midland Radio Corporation. Click here for his complete biography.

Midland Radio 

In light of the unprecedented extreme weather events and seismic occurrences in the National Capitol Region and Central Virginia area, one emergency preparedness professional will win a Midland NOAA All Hazards Radio! It is our hope that the professional receiving the radio will further donate it to a preschool, elementary school, shelter or elderly care facility of their choice.



Technical Briefing Content & Activities


Topics and associated demonstrations will include:

  • America's deadly weather hazards: from "heat to hail"
  • Preparedness & mitigation: words to live by in a stormy world!
  • Communicating after a disaster: Hurricane Katrina case-in-point
  • The NOAA Weather Radio Network: The Voice of America's National Weather Service
  • Future technologies on tomorrow's horizon

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You are welcome to forward this invitation to those whom you feel might benefit from this event.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.  We hope to see you on October 27th!



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