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Volume 4, Issue 6
 June 2011

Arizona Wildfires Latest Among 

Record Disasters


May 29, 2011. A suspected unattended campfire in Bear Wallow Wilderness in east-central Arizona sparks the state's largest wildfire in recorded history. Now the most extensive

ponderosa pine forest in the southwestern United States has been reduced to smoking timber and ash. It fails to escape irony that one of the key resources being used to fight this 512,000 acre, 800-square mile behemoth is a company known for the past 36 years as Ponderosa Aviation, Inc. 

Ponderosa on a Fire
Air Attack on Station


Ponderosa Aviation, based out of Safford, Arizona, is a long time friend of ours. The company owns 21 Aero Commanders
which it flies in the role of aerial reconnaissance focused on locating wildfires. Once a fire is identified, the Commanders transition roles into "air attack ships", coordinating the ground resources and air assets used against wildfires. Such air assets include helicopters dropping water and air tankers such as the modified DC-10 which can drop 12,000 gallons of slurry (a fire-retardant chemical). In fact, the DC-10 air tanker is one of the latest assets being brought to bear against the Wallow fire. Ponderosa has deployed three air attack ships on the Wallow fire alone. Normally only one air attack is in use on any one fire. 

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Emergency Preparedness 

Technology Briefing

Social Media 101 for Emergency Preparedness
and Disaster Response Professionals


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Limited Space Still Available!


We will be pleased to have Mr. Spike Silvernail, Social Media Coordinator for Ashbury International Group, Inc. provide this interactive briefing.  Mr. Silvernail has an extensive background in Social Media and its role in Emergency Preparedness.   We invite government and non-government agencies and organizations to join us as Mr. Silvernail teaches how to establish your own Social Media program for use in Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Topics for this briefing will include:
  • Understanding the basics of Social Media
  • Using Social Media as an Emergency Response tool  
  • Historical success & failure of Social Media during disasters
  • Advantages & limitations of using Social Media during emergency situations
  • Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011
  • Location: Ruckersville, VA
  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm (lunch served)
  • Dress: Casual Professional
  • Cost: An on-site $10 donation to the Virginia Mountain Region of the American Red Cross is requested.
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Editor's Corner

The first half of 2011 has proven quite remarkable as to the number of record-setting disasters around the world.  The massive flooding in Australia, New Zealand's earthquake, and of course Japan's triple threat (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear) are just a few notables from around the world.  Here at home, tens of thousands of Americans have endured devastating flooding, the 6th deadliest tornado season (so far) in history, and massive wildfire outbreaks.  As if all of that isn't enough, June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season.  We can certainly hope hurricanes aren't out to set any records this year, but the trend so far speaks against such hope.


So what's the deal?  Are disasters really on the rise?  Experts say yes, but the suggested possible reasons vary from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Regardless, the facts certainly stack in favor of Miguel de Crevantes who proclaimed "Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory."  Mother Nature has, for the past six months, certainly been taking care of the "forewarning", but how are we when it comes to being "forearmed"?  It is becoming more and more difficult to adopt the philosophy "it won't happen to us" or "that never happens in this part of the country".  Who expected the 7 tornadoes which wreaked havoc on more than 20 communities in Massachusetts the first of June in the most destructive and deadly tornado event in that state since 1954?


It falls upon us all to take a critical look at our corporate, organizational, and individual emergency preparedness and ask the question, are we truly prepared? If we can answer "yes", then perhaps we need to follow up with, "how can we be better prepared?"


Website of Interest

The National Interagency Fire Center provides a number of valuable and interesting resources including real-time updates on wildfires across the country as well as educational material on wildfire emergency preparedness.

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