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Volume 4, Issue 5
 May 2011
The Mighty Mississippi Dramatically Emphasizes Need for Flood Preparation

The great Mississippi River runs through downtown Memphis at a normal width of a mile. During the historic flooding of 1937 when 500 people were killed and 20 million acres of land swamped, the river crested at 48.7 feet. This flooding river is rushing by at 2 million cubic feet per second. The Memphis levees are holding, but should one fail, the river will rush in, filling the equivalent of the width and length of a football field 44 feet deep with water in merelyone second.


Urban FloodingFlooding from hurricanes, torrential rainfall, and dam failures is very dangerous and costly to victims in the path of flood waters. Floods sweep away homes, vehicles and people that do not respect the very real power of rushing water. We are all now more familiar with the levees that broke around New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, rivers that overflowed banks in Nashville Tennessee, and creeks that became rushing rivers around Atlanta in 2009.  These are but a few of the flooding incidents that frequently occur here in the United States with many, many more occurring throughout the world. 

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Emergency Preparedness
Equipment Technology Briefing

CBRN-E Incidents: Emergency Preparedness
and Disaster Response 

(Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive)

CBRN-E graphic
Limited Space Still Available!


We will be pleased to have several subject-matter specialists present at this event including Mr. John Ensor, Senior Level CBRN-E Government Contractor and Mr. Michael Krog, CBRN-E & EOD Special Projects Manager. Please click here for detailed biographies.

Topics for this briefing and demonstration will include:
  • Understanding Contemporary CBRN-E Threats  
  • Preparedness and Response Planning for CBRN-E Incidents  
  • Mitigating CBRN-E Events  
  • Personal Protective Equipment for First Responders
  • Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011
  • Location: Ruckersville, VA
  • Time: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm (lunch served)
  • Dress: Casual Professional
  • Cost: An on-site $10 donation to the Virginia Mountain Region of the American Red Cross is requested.
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In light of the current flooding across much of the South-central United States we felt the website listed below would be of special interest.

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Editor's Corner

I was asked recently what I felt was the single key to people becoming "switched on" to emergency preparedness. My answer then and now is the same - embracing the concept of self-reliance and emergency preparation is quite literally a conversion process.

People have to embrace these concepts just as they might adopt a new philosophy or join a new religion.  I honestly don't believe being prepared is something on which you can "sell" people. Emergency preparedness and self-reliance are concepts that people embrace as a fundamental building blocks in the foundation of their lives.

So, how does one convert people to such philosophies? I don't profess to be the leading expert, but I do have a thought or two.  The first  rule of conversion is surely universal - live what we preachArguably, the best philosophers or evangelists follow this rule of life. To quickly discredit yourself, teach one concept, but live the opposite. People will tune you out faster than you can say hypocrisy. On the other hand, people respect and ultimately listen to those they deem to be honest and true to what they advocate.

Second is doing what we try to do in this company - provide information and educational resources about the subject to as broad an audience as feasible. Only by exposure to the philosophy of self-reliance, can you ultimately chose to adopt such philosophy.

Third - never, ever give up. Keep living the principles of emergency preparedness and keep educating those around you.

After all is said and done, the conversion process is really up to the individual.  However, if we practice these three simple rules, I believe we will have a fundamental impact on the conversion of people to the Emergency Preparedness Philosophy.

So to all the existing emergency preparedness "converts" out there - keep up the good fight!  Share information, educate those around you, and live what you preach!


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