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What is Social Media? For those of you who may have heard of social media, but haven't paid much attention, here is a brief description of what social media is: a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. That is, users connected through an Internet web-based application sharing thoughts, ideas, photos or video in a two-way conversation with friends, peers and even total strangers. In some circles social media is being heralded as perhaps the single most powerful communication tool since the invention of the radio. While perhaps a truism, remember due to the industrial revolution and commercial commoditization of technology nearly "everyone" could afford to own a radio back in the day, and receiving broadcasts was free! More...

Safe Drinking Water for Disaster Recovery and Search and Rescue Operations: Water, Water Everywere but None Fit to Drink!

Mr. Rick Arnold, Product Development Manager McNett Corp
Mr. Charles Schooley, President Aquablox, LLC

Professional Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Personnel in-- Training, Logistics and Operational Roles
  • Technical Brief and Equipment Demonstrations
  • Date: October 29, 2010
  • Location: Ruckersville, VA
  • Time: 8:30am-12 noon
  • Dress: Casual Professional
  • Cost: An on-site $10 donation to the Centeral Virginia Red Cross is respectfully requested.
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Internet Emergency Preparedness Resources 
Since The Great California ShakeOut Drill  is occuring this month we thought you'd also be interested in a excellent video presentation on the not as well know New Madrid Fault Zone that stretches across 5 states from the South up to the Midwestern United States. Click here!
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Our website programmers and developers have been working long hours to get the on-line store up and running. After several BETA test sites and operational reviews we are projecting an on-line ICE PACK eCommerce presence before the end of October! Sign up on the ICE PACK Homepage for our Grand Opening promotional giveaways! Click here!
Website of Interest
In every ICE PACK Resilience Newsletter we feature a website of special interest. These are government, commercial and NGO's that do something significantly well to improve the knowledge and skill base of the emergency preparedness and disaster response communities.

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School
Rated #1 by National Geographic's Adventure Magazine 2008