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Kentucky Equality Federation's partnership with StoryCorps makes the front page; statewide, regional, and national news!
Kentucky Equality Federation made news in 9 major markets, including Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Boston, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, and others.  For complete details, visit

Lexington Herald-Leader (front page)
:  If you missed the Lexington Herald-Leader, one of the front page titles was "Sexuality opening up in rural Kentucky." The online version printed by the Lexington Herald-Leader had a different headline. The Herald-Leader article with Kentucky Equality Federation volunteers and members goes into detail about being Lesbian parents, being Transgender, and being LGBTI in rural Kentucky (complete with pictures).

The Atlantic (special report):  Click here to read the "feature story" detailing Kentucky Equality Federation's work with StoryCorps and other outreach programs entitled "Growing Up Gay and Transgendered in Appalachia."

The Atlantic has more than 400,000 readers, and publishes its magazine 10 times per year. The Atlantic is a liberal American magazine founded in 1857. It quickly achieved a national reputation, which it held for more than a century.

The Atlantic article was written by famed reporter and author, Alex Hannaford.

Associated Press: Jordan Palmer, who is the president of the state's equality federation [Kentucky Equality Federation] said the goal of the project is getting people to talk and open up.  Something Palmer relates to.  He said he was sent to an "ex-gay" clinic in Lexington, after being expelled from his private church-affiliated high school because he was gay.
StoryCorps partnership extended / Kentucky Faces of Equality Project:
Kentucky Equality Federation Initially Kentucky Equality Federation only signed-up for Whitesburg, KY however, given the media attention and success in Whitesburg, we have extended our partnership to include Lexington, KY at the request of StoryCorps. 

To participate, please contact us. Kentucky Equality Federation will make the donation to StoryCorps on your behalf. 

All stories can also be heard from our website once the Lexington project partnership is completed.


Our fight for social and political equality this spring and summer will be to show everyone LGBTI people are just like everyone else, entitled to the same protections. 
"Discrimination takes many forms, and it is necessary that the victims of such treatment strive for a better world where all groups, orientations, identities, creeds, and political groups can achieve equality." - Kentucky Equality Federation Public Relations and Media Director Josh Koch.
Come Together Kentucky 2011
Click here to read our blog entry about Come Together Kentucky 2011 hosted by Morehead State University's ALLYance.  Next year it will be hosted at the University of Louisville.  Kentucky Equality Federation made a donation to ALLYance, who did an outstanding job of organizing the project.

Congratulations to everyone at ALLYance for an outstanding job! 
Shared Stories and Support Group Coming Soon from Kentucky Equality Federation
Kentucky Equality Federation Stories and Support Group Kentucky Equality Federation is in the programming phase of a special section on our website so people across the Commonwealth can share their stories with each other. Registration will be required, but the service will be completely free! 

This will serve as a support group, and a place for anyone to share their stories; you will also be able to enter private chats for emotional support.

Remember that you may always contact us to act as your advocate in Discrimination, School Bullying, and Hate Crimes by calling (877) KEF-5775 - Ext. 6.
Role of the Chairman of the Board expanded
Chairman Richard Jones Kentucky Equality Federation's Board of Directors had two emergency sessions in April 2011. 

One meeting was to expand and further define the role of the Chair (Chairman, Chairwoman, or Chairperson) of the Board of Directors. (more)

The other meeting was a closed session and limited information is available to the public.

The Board of Directors goes into closed session for one of the following reasons only:
  1. Discussion of matters pertaining to employees and personnel;      
  2. Protection of the privacy or reputation of individuals;
  3. Consultation with legal counsel;     
  4. Consultation with staff personnel, consultants, attorneys, or other persons in connection with pending or potential litigation;

For additional information, please visit the Board of Directors page

Southern Kentucky Regional Director Anderson Ruth appoints two Assistant Regional Directors
Kentucky Equality Southern Kentucky Regional Director Anderson Ruth Kentucky Equality Federation Southern Kentucky Regional Director Anderson Ruth (pictured) appointed additional Assistant Regional Directors:  Ms. Shannon L. McKinney (Corbin area), and William Taylor (Harlan area)

All volunteers serve at the pleasure of the Office of the President (Kentucky Equality Federation Bylaws Article IV Section 6.01 and Board Resolution 2009-004). In practice however, Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer has historically left the appointment of new volunteers to the discretion of Kentucky Equality Federation Regional Directors or the Managing Director of Marriage Equality Kentucky, Halyn Roth. 

Kentucky Equality Federation welcomes Ms. Shannon L.
McKinney and Mr. William Taylor as Assistant Southern Kentucky Regional Directors; we thank then for their valuable time, selflessness, and dedication to social and political equality.    
Kentucky Equality Federation appoints a Public Relations and Media Director.
Kentucky Equality Federation Public Relations and Media Director Josh Koch Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer named Josh Koch, the former Vice Chair of the Liberian Party of Kentucky as Kentucky Equality Federation's Public Relations and Media Director.

Mr. Koch gracefully accepted, stating:
"This may seem like an odd choice of involvement to some who know me, given my previous history of political activities, but it is a cause near and dear to my heart. Many people and groups are victims of discrimination. Some are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, gender, veteran status, or political identification (or lack thereof). Discrimination takes many forms, and it is necessary that the victims of such treatment strive for a better world where all groups, orientations, identities, creeds, and political groups can achieve equality.

As someone who cherishes rights, freedom, and equality, I accept the honor of serving with the Kentucky Equality Federation. They are proactive and tenacious in their struggle for "Peace, Liberty, Equality" for all. I hope I can live up to their expectations, and I look forward to working with my fellow volunteers in the cause."
  • Click here to read Mr. Koch's entire statement.
Mr. Koch will also officially serve as a Special Political Consultant to Palmer. 

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer also has several confidential Democrat and Republican political consultants. Per Kentucky Equality Federation Bylaws and Board Resolution, the President may appoint Special Assistants, Special Advisers, and other such special volunteers or consultants.  Such people shall be attached directly to the Office of the President and not subordinate to the Board of Directors.  In addition, the President may keep the names of such people confidential. Unlike other volunteers, people attached directly to the Office of the President shall be severed from the Organization in that capacity should the President resign or be removed from office by Official Membership.  
Kentucky Equality Federation joins ILGA with a stunning victory at the United Nations for LGBTI people worldwide.
United Nations Logo Another culture has erupted at the United Nations and Kentucky Equality Federation joined the ILGA in celebrating a stunning victory for LGBTI people worldwide.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is the first leader of the United Nations to stand-up for LGBTI rights.  The world leader's actions have lead 85 nations signed a pro-gay statement that was read out by Colombia's representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on March 22. (more)

Kentucky Equality Federation represents the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association (ILGA) in Kentucky. (more)

ILGA is the worlds largest federation of allied organizations worldwide (with over 600 affiliates).  ILGA works at the United Nations to ensure equality for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex people worldwide under United Nations International Law!  ILGA was responsible for removing sexual orienttion and gender identity from the United Nations World Health Organization's list of mental illnesses. 
Thank you for your time, attention, and dedication to equality! 

Please forward this email to as many people as possible!  We need them on our email list!

For Equality,

Richard T. Jones
Chairman of the Board

Jordan Palmer

Halyn Roth
Managing Director, Marriage Equality Kentucky

Click here for a complete list of management and volunteers.
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Kentucky Equality Federation's partnership with StoryCorps makes the front page; statewide, regional, and national news!
StoryCorps partnership extended / Kentucky Faces of Equality Project
Come Together Kentucky 2011
New Support Group and Shared Stories Coming Soon!
Role of the Chair of the Board of Directors expanded
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Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer wrote an editorial to the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Both editorials have been published. (more)  
Governor Beshear, DADT, and Love is Love:

 - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear responds to Kentucky Equality Federation about the Equality Bill currently being considered by the Kentucky House and Senate. (more) 


 - Artist shares "Love is Love" music video with Marriage Equality Kentucky. (more) 

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