Action Alerts that need your attention and Kentucky Equality Federation news!

The following action alerts need you immediate attention; it will only take a moment for you to review each action alert and sign!  Each action alert contains information on the importance of signing the action alert:
  1. No Kentucky tax incentives for Noah's Ark and Tower of Babel! No Kentucky tax incentives for Noah's Ark and Tower of Babel! Previous pictures taken inside the "Creation Museum" attribute homosexuality as being an abomination. If Ark Encounter LLC, or Answers in Genesis, Inc. wish to continue this project, they should not use YOUR tax dollars, thereby endorsing a specific, anti-gay religion by way of tax incentives!
  2. Official recognition of the United Nations World AIDS Day by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. AIDS killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007 according to United Nations World Health Organization estimates, and it is estimated that 33.2 million people live with the disease worldwide, including 330,000 children.  In total, the United Nations estimates that 60 million people have been infected, leaving 14 million orphaned children. Senior Representative Tom Burch, who has served the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1972; Representative Burch sponsored or co-sponsored most of the Commonwealth's HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention legislation in the 1980's and 1990's.
1st Chairman of the Board elected:

Chairman Richard JonesKentucky Equality Federation is beefing up its board of directors with the appointment of veteran activist Richard T. Jones as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


The members initially appointed Jones to the Board, immediately thereafter, the Board elected Jones Chair. (press release)

Other Kentucky Equality Federation News: 

Kentucky Equality Federation1.  Kentucky Equality Federation condemns deleting sexual orientation as a protected class in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

2.  Kentucky political candidate mocks Wear Purple Day (Spirit Day).

3.  Admiral Mike Mullen: "End Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time, attention, and dedication to equality! 

Please forward this email to as many people as possible!


Richard T. Jones
Chairman of the Board

Dean Byrd
Treasurer and Secretary of the Corportion
In This Issue
Board of Directors elect first Chair
Other Federation News: United Nations, Kentucky political candidate mocks Wear Purple Day (Spirit Day), and DADT
LGBTI Religious Icon Retires

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LGBTI Religious Icon Retires
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn't worship that God.

When will we learn that human beings are of infinite value because they have been created in the image of God, and that it is a blasphemy to treat them as if they were less than this and to do so ultimately recoils on those who do this?

In dehumanizing others, they are themselves dehumanized. LGBT people are part of God's family.-

Archbishop Desmond Tutu