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Theological Seminary
June 2011
Press Release
For Immediate Release

School consolidation resources available online


Dr. George O. Wood, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, has

made available a grouping of informative resources about the proposed

consolidation of the three Springfield resident schools. These resources

include videos, a condensed version of the Consolidation Task Force's

Report, the proposed institutional structure diagram and all previous

consolidation updates. Read the announcement below.




Dr. George O. Wood, in response to a request by the Executive Presbytery,

has created a video that provides a review of the proposed consolidation of

the three Springfield, Missouri, Assemblies of God resident schools Central

Bible College, AG Theological Seminary and Evangel University.


In the video, posted at provides detailed insight to the Statement of Mission and Core Values of the proposed combined institution. He also discusses the institutional
structure, governance, bylaws, accreditation and other areas of importance.


Wood explains that currently 34 percent of the Assemblies of God in the

United States is made up of individuals under the age of 25.


"We must do everything possible to ensure that when these young people reach maturity their feet are firmly planted in the Lord and in His Church," Wood says. "The leadership of the Assemblies of God passionately believes that a consolidation of the three Springfield schools will greatly advance our

ability to strategically invest in the next generation."


The video is featured on a special web page on the AG website that offers

additional resources about the consolidation process, including: the collection of "AG News" articles on the consolidation, the proposed Institutional Structure Diagram, the Task Force Report, an earlier video from the beginning of the consolidation process, a transcript of the latest video and a section covering frequently asked questions.


Wood says the goal in forming a consolidated university is to strengthen the

Church and expand the witness of the gospel. "And, we will do that by

offering a premier education that is second to none in its quality . . . . an education that integrates faith and learning, that blends the Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered life with intellectual formation."


More posts and video messages will be added to the new AG School

Consolidation web page as events take place, including posting regular

updates to the Frequently Asked Questions section.


--Dan Van Veen


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