The Assemblies of God
Theological Seminary
March 2011 Press ReleaseFor Immediate Release

Dear Member of the AGTS Community, 

This past week (March 23-24) the Task Force for Consolidation had its monthly meeting in Springfield. The work is proceeding steadily and will now include focus groups made up of faculty members from the three schools who will review the work done to date. The commitment to a shared governance process is very important to the effectiveness of this initiative. These focus groups will meet, in the weeks preceding our April meeting, to add their input to the continued strengthening of the work of the Task Force. Many people have asked what they might be able to do to help during this critical time. Your continued prayer for collective wisdom and spiritual discernment is the most significant need. The following report was released by the AG General Superintendent's Office to provide official news on the March Task Force meeting. 

Byron D. Klaus, President  





The March meeting of the Task Force working towards the consolidation of the three Assemblies of God schools in Springfield heard preliminary reports from two of its subcommittees-Mission Statement/Core Values and Structure-at this week's meeting. These reports will now go to focus groups headed by each of the three presidents for input and reporting back to the April meeting of the group.


The group also discussed the work of a third subcommittee on Governance which now begins its work. Chaired by General Superintendent George O. Wood, this group will propose a plan for the consolidation of the three boards, including a plan for board organization and board work; the consolidation of the three administrations to provide management and operational effectiveness, and for the consolidation of the current faculties into a unified faculty with authority for educational policies and planning. Other members of this subcommittee are Richard Dresselhaus (executive presbyter and AGTS board); President Gary Denbow of CBC; and John Lindell (EU board chairman). Their report will go to the April meeting of the Task Force.


The Task Force also appointed Mrs. Joanne Strom to coordinate the work of the Task Force, under the direction of Dr. Wood. She recently has served as project manager for Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, North Dakota, to guide their accreditation relationships. In addition to coordinating the work of the various subcommittees, Mrs. Strom will interface with the Higher Learning Commission's campus representatives and compile and prepare the final Task Force report for presentation.


The work of the Task Force and the recommendations of the respective boards of directors will be forwarded to the Executive Presbytery meeting in June. From there, a resolution will go to the August 2011 General Council regarding consolidating the schools.