beginOctober 2010
Second Hogan Lecturship
  • Drs. John and Anita Koeshall will present their second lecture, entitled, "Ecclesiology-To-Go: Discerning Church in Students for Christ Europe."
  • Wednesday, October 6 at 11 a.m. in the William Seymour Chapel
8th Annual Alumni Phonathon
  • Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2010 Phonathon a huge success!
  • We appreciate all the student callers, alumni who made financial commitments, and faculty and staff who provided meals, goodies, and prayer support.
  • We have raised $23,000 so far!

Where in the World is Dr. Klaus?
  • October 7--Television interview with Christian Television Network, Morris, Illinois

  • October 15--Inauguration of AGTS alum, Dr. Carol Taylor, as President of Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California
  • October 28--Preach in chapel at Evangel University
Girls' Nite Out 
Friday, October 1
7-9 p.m.
 Smith's Restaurant
935 N. Glenstone Ave.
(just south of Evangel University)

    Enjoy complimentary homemade desserts while connecting with women from the AGTS Community.

    RSVP attendance with Norma Davies at 268-1000 or by noon on Friday, October 1.
    Childcare available at Central Assembly.  Contact Norma Davies to register.  Deadline is noon--Wednesday, September 29.   
Academic News
Attention Fall Graduates 
  • Monday, November 1--comprehensive examination date and dealine for analytical reflection paper.
Spring 2011 Practicums 
  • Students must apply and register for class credit BEFORE doing a practicum; credit will not be given for students requesting credit after completing a practicum.
  • October 5-8: Schedule interview with practicum coordinator.
  • Pick up practicum form from Marlene Call, factulty secretary.  
  • Counseling practicum applicants must complete the required application and present proof of malpractice insurance before approval.
Fall Study Week
  • October 18-22
  • No classes; students are encouraged to use this time for studying, reading, and writing papers.
Registrar's News

Registration Notice
  • Mark your calendars.
  • Registration for the 2011 spring semester is scheduled for the week of November 1-5
  • More information will be forthcoming.
 Register to Graduate in April 2011 
  • If you plan to complete all your degree requirements between now and August 2011, please register to graduate by printing off the application.
  • Once you complete the application, please return it to the Registrar's Office.
 Email Notifications
  • The Registrar's Office routinely sends messages via email.
  • To ensure that you don't miss any important notices and/or announcements, be sure to notify the office if your email address changes (
  • Please see the student handbook for guidelines related to privacy of student records.

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Business Office News 
Deferred Payment Schedule
  • Second deferred payment date is October 15.
  • Payments must be received on or before this date to avoid a $25 montly late fee.
Federal Direct Loan
  • If you have not received your Federal Direct Loan for the fall 2010 semester, please see Flo Byerly in the Financial Aid Office. 
Billing Statements
  • Scholarships and tuition discounts for the fall posted to student accounts in September. Please review your next billing statement carefully.
  • If you are expecting an award for the fall and it does not appear on your statement or if the amount shown seems incorrect, please contact the Business Office as soon as possible.
Spring Scholarship Applications
  • Scholarship applications for the 2011 spring semester are available in the Business Office.
  • Deadline: 4:30 p.m. Friday, October 15
  • Award notifications will be sent out by November 15.
  • Students and staff may park vehicles on the north, south, and west parking lots of the main seminary building or on the paved portions of the O'Reilly gym.
  • Please do not park on the grass or in visitor spaces.
  • Violators subject to a $10 parking fine.
Student Life News 

Spiritual Formation Requirement
  • If you are a returning student and did not meet with Dr. Jay Taylor last semester, please contact Treasa Edmond to schedule an appointment.
  • Pick up the Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire from the Student Services Office.
  • If you are a new student and have not made your 30-minute appointment with Dr. Jay Taylor, please see Treasa Edmond to set up an appointment.
Enrollment News 

AGTS Open House
  • Thursday, October 7
  • Spend an hour with AGTS, either at Noon or 7 p.m.
  • All faculty members are invited to attend one or both sessions.
Enrollment Trips
  • October 5--Mario Guerreiro will visit Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN
  • October 5--Luke James will be at Central Bible College, Springfield, MO
  • October 6--Luke James will be at Messenger College, Joplin, MO
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Girls' Nite Out
Academic News
Registrar's News
Business News
Enrollment News
Faculty News
Faculty Writing
Johan Mostert
Co-authored, with Dr. Mervin van der Spuy, a chapter in the book, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Restoration: Multidisciplinary Studies from a Pentecostal Perspective, edited by Martin Mittelstadt and Geoffrey Sutton.  Their chapter evaluated the role of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa as a mechanism to deal with post-conflict reconciliation.
Melody Palm
Wrote article, "Desires in Conflict: Hope and Healing for Individuals Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction," in the Fall 2010 edition of the Enrichment Journal.
Charles Self
"Sacred History," an interview with Dr. Self was published in the July 25, 2010 edition of Today's Pentecostal Evangel. 
Lois Olena
Wrote "I'm Sorry,      My Brother: A Reconciliation Journey," a chapter in Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Restoration: Multidisciplinary Studies from a Pentecostal Perspective, edited by Martin Mittelstadt and Geoffrey Sutton.
DeLonn Rance
Wrote a book review on Alan Johnson's book, Apostolic Function in 21st Century Missions in Evangelical Missions Quarterly, April 2010.
Deborah Gill
God's Women--Then and Now, written by Deborah Gill and Barbara Cavanass, is currently in its third edition in both English and Tamil.  It has also been voice recorded for the blind.
The Study Guide for the book is now available in 6 Indian languages and being translated into Finnish.
Global University offers a course derived from the book and is currently in the process of translating the book into Spanish. 
Faculty News 

Chales Self 
July 29-August 6: Keynote speaker at "Power of Faithful Retreat" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
September 16-19:  Provided startegic consultation for two California churches and gave a political action speech, "Let Freedom Ring," in the California Bay Area.

September 19: Preached at Northside Church, Salinas, CA

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Lois Olena 
Aug. 27-Sept. 26: Traveled to Philippines Malaysia, and Singapore and taught classes in Baguio,  Kuala Lumpur-Kuching, and Kuching.

Steve Lim 
September 21: Will speak at a meeting of Evangel University's chapter of Alpha Chi, a national honor society, on the occasion of their induction of new members.
DeLonn Rance 
August 1: Missions services at Grace Community, Sacramento, CA and First AG, Salinas, CA

August 2-6: Together in Missions Leadership Training Seminar, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

August 7, 14: Missions Services  in California: First Assembly  of God, San Diego; Crosspointe Life Church and Faith Chapel, La Mesa
August 19-23: Regional Missions Convention, Cordoba, Argentina

Aug. 26-Sept 4: Latin American  Educators Summit, Santiago, Chile

Sept. 8-13: Latin American Missionary Educators Consultation, Waxahachie, TX

Mark Hausfeld 
Aug. 22-Sept. 6: Traveled to Central Asia to do research
Sept. 25-28: Traveled to Mattersey Hall United Kingdom (British AG theological school) to consult on educational programs
Sept. 29-Oct 1: Will travel to Istanbul, Turkey for a leadership seminar on teams 
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