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Mr. Ernest L. Gardner III, friend of the Foundation and leader of our Austin Seminary ministerial study seminar, has been kind to share with us the following:

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is pleased to announce the official Works of Jonathan Edwards Online iOS App. Now you can easily access and share the works of Jonathan Edwards from your mobile device:

This should be a tremendous help to the Foundation in that Jonathan Edwards figures prominently in our Bibliographies for Reformed theology:

Option I: The Christian Hope in Eternal Life

Option XI: The Doctrine of Humanity

Option XIV: Jonathan Edwards: The Religious Affections

Option XXXIII: Reformed Ethics

Consider this:

"There is no question whatsoever, that is of greater importance to mankind, and that it more concerns every individual person to be well resolved in, than this, what are the distinguishing qualifications of those that are in favor with God, and entitled to his eternal rewards? Or, which comes to the same thing, What is the nature of true religion? and wherein do lie the distinguishing notes of that virtue and holiness, that is acceptable in the sight of God."

Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections, ed. John E. Smith, vol. 2 in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, ed.  Perry Miller (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1959), p. 84, emphasis added.

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