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1. Ministers need help.

Ministry is rewarding and gratifying. At the same time, it is also complex and demanding. Pastors face tremendous challenges. They often get discouraged. They need inspiration. In short, ministers need help. Congregations would be well served by helping their pastors.

What causes this need for help? First, it is impossible for anyone to learn everything needed for ministry in three years of seminary. Second, ministers are often asked not only to be preachers, teachers, and pastors, but also to be administrators, counselors, civic leaders, entertainers, and on and on, sometimes to the neglect of the main responsibilities.

Moreover, in an age which often confuses the gospel with self-help, Christian faith with personal preference, worship with entertainment, pastoral care with therapy, and mission with social work, there is a risk that ministry will be compromised and lost.

Ministry is hard work. Much of it is done in solitude. Ministers need help. The Foundation for Reformed Theology helps provide ministers renewal and reinvigoration to enrich their pastoral ministry for ten, twenty, thirty, or even forty years.

2. We help ministers.

3. Will you help us? 
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