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John Calvin
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The recovery of the Reformed tradition in the local congregation depends upon education, teaching the faith, Christian nurture, and the incorporation of diverse people into a particular pattern and way of life. This is a realizable goal as difficult as this may seem. The successful recovery of this tradition in local congregations depends more upon the minister than upon any other one factor.


Two problems immediately arise. Many ministers have not been educated in this tradition, even in the seminaries. The second problem is the increasing secularity of the lay leadership in churches, a leadership that did not receive indoctrination and education in the faith or even nurturing in the Christian way of life, much less the Presbyterian way.


The purpose of this Foundation is the recovery of this tradition in the idiom of contemporary life. . . . [Read more.]


I am writing today to invite us all to give to the Foundation, to support our mission and work, and so to participate financially in this great endeavor for the ongoing reformation of the church. Already this year, friends of the Foundation have given $74,538 to the Foundation. For that, we are profoundly grateful.


If we could all together give an additional $75,000 in the next week and a half, by the end of the year, that would provide funding for seminars for ministers and elders, for translations and publications of Reformed theology, and for scholarships for Reformed theologians, all for the ongoing reformation of the church.


Please send your gifts to the Foundation for Reformed Theology at the address in my signature below. For more information about giving, see Donate.


Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. James C. Goodloe IVGrace and Peace,
Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, Executive Director
Foundation for Reformed Theology
4103 Monument Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23230-3818
(804) 678-8352

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