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The Foundation is grateful for the privilege of having been able to support the first ever English translation and publication of John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1541 French edition, by Dr. Elsie Anne McKee.
Please see the following story about an ongoing, on line resource for reading and studying this work.
Calvin's Institutes 
Princeton Theological Seminary is providing a web site, Ad Fontes, To the Sources: A Primer in Reformed Theology, for reading through Calvin's Institutes 1541 on line as well as exploring some commentary on the same and sharing some discussion.
Currently the reading is chapter four, about the Christian faith. The commentary is provided by our executive director. Here is the link:
Publication Information

Calvin's Institutes 1541
If you have not done so already, surely you will want to purchase your own copy of Calvin's Institutes 1541.
John Calvin (1509-1564) originally wrote his famous Institutes of the Christian Religion in Latin. Beginning with the second edition of his work published in 1541, Calvin translated each new version into French, simultaneously adapting the text to suit lay audiences, shaping it subtly but clearly to teach, exhort, and encourage them. Besides reflecting a more pastoral bent on Calvin's part, this 1541 Institutes is also notable as one of the founding documents of the modern French language.
Elsie Anne McKee's masterful translation of the 1541 French Edition - the first-ever English version - offers full access to the brilliant mind of John Calvin as he considered what common Christian people should all know and practice.
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