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May 9, 2011
Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association

In this issue:  SECOORA Annual Meeting | Funding Update | IOOS Data Management Update | NFRA Notes | RFPs of Interest | Job Announcements | Coming Events


The countdown is on!

The SECOORA Annual Meeting is a week from today. The final agenda and meeting materials are now available on the SECOORA website.  Don't forget that all parts of this meeting are open to members and stakeholders, and you are welcome to attend the Board Meeting (May 16) and the DMCC meeting (May 18).  To register fill out the online registration form.  If you have any questions, please contact Susannah Sheldon ([email protected]) or Megan Treml ([email protected]).


Status on the NOPP IOOS Funding Opportunity

SECOORA submitted a $4M proposal in September 2010 in response to a

National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) IOOS funding opportunity.  While we received favorable reviews, significant portions of the original proposal had to be cut due to limited funding. On Friday, SECOORA submitted a revised Scope of Work to the NOAA IOOS office that describes the activities that will be undertaken this year (June 1, 2011 - May 31, 2012) with the estimated $2.0475M in FY11 IOOS federal funds that will be available to us.  View the revised scope of work.  Activities that will be funded include:

1) maintenance of buoys, high frequency radar, and coastal stations throughout the southeast to collect a broad array of physical parameters, i.e. wind, waves, currents, temperature, salinity, etc.;

2) continuation of data management activities to make data and information readily available to stakeholders;

3) modeling and product development activities that provide insight into storm surge, fisheries, ocean circulation/current, water quality and associated issues;

4) a suite of education and outreach initiatives including an EARTH workshop, development of STEM materials for teachers, and continuing Basic Observation Buoy activities; and

5) ongoing support for SECOORA governance and coordination activities.


Progress on Meeting the Mandates of the ICOOS ACT

Check out the updated progress sheets:


SECOORA's Participation at IOOS Regional Data Management Workshop

The 4th Annual IOOS Regional DMAC Coordination Workshop was held on April 27-28, 2011 at NOAA IOOS Program Office in Silver Spring, MD. Vembu Subramanian (SECOORA RCOOS Manager) and Jeremy Cothran (SECOORA DMCC Member) were present at the meeting. The workshop theme was "Advancing IOOS RA DMAC Interoperability". SECOORA's data management priorities and challenges to implementing IOOS data standards and services were presented at the meeting (view presentation). DMAC Representatives from NOAA, USACE, EPA, USGS, OOI and other IOOS Regional Associations (RAs) attended the meeting. Nine priority topics were defined as most important in moving IOOS RA DMAC activities forward. The priority topics list and the meeting summary will be made available at

NFRA Notes

NFRA April Maritime Meetings in DC

April 29-27, 2011 representatives of NFRA had a series of meetings in Washington DC focused primarily on the maritime industry.  Offices visited include: American Pilots Association (APA), American Associations of Port Authorities (AAPA), Chamber of Shipping, NOAA, Office of Management and Budget, Coast Guard, Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS), and the House Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation.


NFRA hosts meetings like this throughout the year to bring Regional Association (RA) members to DC to meet with federal agencies, congressional members, and national organizations.  Once again, these meetings proved to be successful in building relationships, building awareness of IOOS, and for identifying specific next steps.


NFRA Comments on the National Ocean Policy

View NFRA comments submitted to the National Ocean Council (NOC) in response to the request for comments on strategic plans for implementing the National Ocean Policy (NOP).

Recent Request for Proposals (RFPs) of Interest

Ocean Leadership has released its RFP for Water Velocity Profile and 3D Single Point Current Meter Instruments on Fixed Platforms as part of the OOI. The RFP and related documents can be found on the Ocean Leadership website.  Please refer to the posted RFP and related documents for specific information regarding important deadlines, points-of-contact, the bidders conference and other technical details.

Job Announcements

NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory Branch Chief Vacancy in Charleston, SC on USAJobs, open until May 9, 2011


The NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston SC is seeking qualified candidates for the Research Coordination and Administrative Services Branch Chief position.  Supervisory Ecologist ZP-0408-4 or Supervisory Environmental Scientist ZP-0401-4 (with promotional potential to ZP-5); equivalent to GS13-14.

Incumbent will provide:
* leadership in developing the direction and coordination of research and administrative functions of the Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML);
* expertise in marine environmental health research, including climate connections between health of the environment and human health;
* integration of cross-cutting scientific activities of HML programs and partners;
* laboratory support and promote a safe, secure, productive, and efficient workplace.

This position is located in Charleston, SC (travel and relocation expenses are authorized).  Applicants can access the applications via Current Federal status employees can apply to both the MAP and DE vacancies, but should make sure that at a minimum you apply to the MAP vacancy. Merit Assignment Program (MAP) (STATUS-current Federal employees) ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER - NOS-NCCOS-2011-0021.  Delegated Examining (DE) (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER - NOS-NCCOS-2011-0020.

Coming Events 

May 11-13, 2011 Beyond the Horizon, Sarasota, FL


May 16-18, 2011 SECOORA Annual Meeting and DMCC Meeting, Jacksonville, FL


May 23-25, 2011 Applying Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning as a Tool to Site Offshore Renewable Energy & other Future Uses Workshop, Narragansett, Rhode Island 


June 8-9, 2011 Northeast Coastal and Ocean Data Partnership Annual Meeting and Metadata Workshop, Rye, NH


June 14, 2011 The Forum On Earth Observations, Washington, DC


June 21, 2011 Public and Stakeholder Session of the National Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Workshop, Washington, DC

July 13-14, 2011 National Business Forum On Marine Spatial Planning, Washington D.C.


July 17-21, 2011 Coastal Zone 2011, Chicago, IL


September 19-22, 2011 OCEANS '11 MTS/IEEE,  Kona, Hawai'i 


October 19-21, 2011 American Shore & Beach Preservation Association conference, New Orleans, LA 


November 7-9, 2011 Using Modeling to Solve Engineering and Environmental Assessment Problems, St. Augustine, Florida


November 14-17, 2011 NFRA/IOOS Regional Coordination Workshop, New England


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