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Weekly News Update    July 12, 2010 
In This Issue: SECOORA News | Oil Spill Updates | NOAA Next Generation Strategic Plan | Conference Announcements | Coming Events
SECOORA Chair at Unified Command
Dr. Harvey Seim, Professor of Marine Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill and chairman of the board of SECOORA, is currently on a 2 week rotation at the Deep Water Horizon Unified Command. 
IOOS Federal Funding Announcement News
SECOORA Members:  Please be aware that the IOOS federal funding announcement has not yet been released, however we have been told that the submission deadline will remain October 1.  This is resulting in compression of our proposal development process. We will be sending out details on a revised schedule and proposal development process soon.

SECOORA Fall Board Meeting
The Fall SECOORA Board Meeting will be held September 29-30 in Tampa, FL.  There is currently a quorum, with 19 confirmed participants.  Board members should contact Susannah Sheldon ( if their availability has changed.  
Lodging information will follow shortly.
We still need signatures for HR 3534!
The House Natural Resources Committee has introduced HR 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources (CLEAR) Act, in response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  NFRA has asked that the RAs garner support for the act via a support letter focusing on Section 605 of the bill. This creates a Ocean Resources Conservation and Assistance (ORCA) Fund from the lease and royalty payments from the outer continental shelf -- specifically Sec 605 (a)(3)(iii) that directs 20% of the ORCA funds to IOOS.  The letter is neutral on other aspects of the bill, which is a comprehensive energy bill. The letter does not address any other aspect of the bill. 
The Regional Associations have collected an impressive number of signatures -  over 80!  But, we are still seeking support.  Please send your intentions to support the letter or requests for more information to Susannah Sheldon ( 
Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) Project News
Lisa Adams, SECOORA's Education and Outreach Chair, has been working on the BOB project with Hilton Head high school students.  Robert Holquist from recently interviewed her team about the Hilton Head BOB.  View the video here, and check out the Riversmart organization.
Oil Spill Updates
News Links
FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Highlights
A video that showcases FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission air operations is highlighted on the Restore the Gulf government portal.
Request from Unified Command via Ocean Leadership 
The Unified Command in Houma, LA is in need of some equipment and has asked Ocean Leadership to disseminate their request. 

"We are looking for 10 X 5-10 liter bottles in short order (boat departs this weekend). These need to be flow-through with an externalspring (go-flow).

For the longer term (a few weeks) we are looking for 2 X CTDs.

We are also looking for automatic Winkler titration units but understand that they seem to be hard to come by."

Please note that responses to this specific request should be sent directly to Lt. Glen Rice at
NOAA Next Generation Strategic Plan
NOAA's "Next Generation Strategic Plan" is out for public review and comment.
Information about the Next Generation Strategic Plan (NGSP), including the location to submit comments, may be found at:
The draft plan may be accessed from the page above or directly at:
You have an opportunity to review and comment on the plan until August 10, 2010.


Conference Announcements

The South Carolina Marine Educators Association (SCMEA) annual conference is October 1-2, 2010 and will be hosted at the SC Department of Natural Resources in Charleston, SC.  Visit the conference Web site.

Coming Events 
August 3-4, 2010  SECOORA DMCC Meeting, Columbia, SC
September 20-23, 2010  OCEANS 2010 MTS/IEEE, Seattle, Washington
September 27-October 1, 2010 Ninth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes, Annapolis, Maryland
September 29-30, 2010 SECOORA Board Meeting, Tampa, FL
October 1-2, 2010 South Carolina Marine Educators Association (SCMEA) Annual Conference, Charleston, SC
November 3-5, 2010 Sustainable Ocean Energy & the Marine Environment, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
November 13-17, 2010 Restore America's Estuaries, Galveston Island, TX
November 15, 2010 NFRA Board Meeting, Washington, D.C. 
November 16-17, 2010 IOOS Regional Coordination Workshop, Washington, D.C.
February 13-18, 2011 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico
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