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September 2012
Master bathroom
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Classic Carrara marble master bath
project of the month

A young Montclair, NJ family of four were sharing one bathroom and the husband and wife had no closet in their bedroom.  The solution was to install a master bathroom and a walk-in closet in two unused side rooms adjacent to the master bedroom.

See more description and views of this bathroom here.

Master bath before: an unused side room Detail of master bathroom
Mindful Living & Green Design --
Proper paint storage and disposal

First tip is obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway: buy the proper amount of paint so you don't have a lot leftover.


When you've used it all up, empty cans of latex (water based) can be recycled as scrap metal. Oil based paint cans are hazardous waste (see below).


Store partially full cans for future touch-ups. Label can with date and room where it was used and store it in a climate controlled space -- extreme heat or freezing will spoil paint and make it unusable.


If you have more leftover than you think you will use, donate it to a charitable organization, community theater group like Gas Lamp Players in Glen Ridge, NJ, or online through a materials exchange like Freecycle.  


Never pour unused paint of any kind down your drain, down a storm drain, or in the trash.


Latex (water based) paint disposal:

If there is only a little bit left, remove the lid to allow it to dry to a solid, then dispose in regular trash. If the can still has a substantial amount of liquid left, add a drying/ hardening product, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Once the latex paint has hardened, you may dispose of it in the regular trash.


Oil-based (alkyd) paints and stain disposal on October 13 in Essex County:

Do not leave oil-based paint cans open to dry. Oil-based paints, stains and aerosol spray paint cans contain toxic chemicals so they must be disposed of as Household Hazardous Waste. In Essex County drop off events are held in spring & fall and the next one is Saturday October 13. For more information, click or call (973) 857-2350.



Doris Duke's Shangri-La: Architecture, Landscape & Islamic Art at the Museum of Art & Design, NYC
September 12, 2012 - February 17, 2013

Islamic art from Doris Duke's Shangri-La

Duke called her Honolulu residence a "Spanish-Moorish-Persian-Indian complex". The NY Times says this exhibit shows it in "sparkling new color shots of the home and gardens taken by Tim Street-Porter; architectural documents and vintage photographs with pieces of the collection; and projects by contemporary artists who had residencies at Shangri La", and called this show "one of the best places to see Islamic art in New York right now".

Featured in many national publications, Tracey's award winning kitchen and bath design showcases her innovative design sensibility and her exceptional and confident use of color.  Also offered - whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

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