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April 2012
Entrance hall
Mindful Living
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Paint transforms entrance hall --          project of the month

detail of faux painted door
See more of the entrance hall here

Props to Mulligan & Phillips, Master Decorative Painters!

See more of this house : living room and dining room.
Inspiration --
Jack White, "the Coolest, Weirdest, Savviest Rock Star of Our Time"*

I so admire Jack White's commitment to his artistic vision. White Stripes Elephant 

Early in the White Stripes career he walked away from a record label because they didn't understand that "Red, white and black was a sacred part of what Meg and I were doing. For a label not to understand that meant there were a lot of other things they wouldn't understand."

Jack White's Third Man Shop, Nashville, TN
"Third Man Records: the [Nashville] headquarters of Jack White's various musical enterprises, and the center of his carefully curated world.  White is obsessive about color and meticulous in his attention to detail. It's a one-stop creativity shop as designed by an imaginative kindergartner - a cross between Warhol's Factory and the Batcave." 
For Jack White's new solo career, "he has a new color palette: blue. There were blue P.A. cabinets, a blue drum kit, blue guitars. He was having some new blue suits made for himself, and a new blue logo. He said the band, meanwhile, could wear whatever they wanted - as long as it was blue." 

Jack White - Love Interruption 
Jack White - Love Interruption 
Creepy, haunting and completely mesmerizing! 

* Read the complete NY Times article here.
Mindful Living & Green Design --
Zero waste living

 Just a few years ago, a zero-waste city was considered a futuristic scenario.  Thanks to a 2009 municipal ordinance, San Francisco is successfully diverting 78% of waste from landfills and is on track to be zero-watse by 2020.

"Zero-waste is just another term for a collective understanding, manifest in daily acts, that on a finite planet there is no "away" to throw things.  And the closer you get to no waste at all, the deeper you wade into territories that are no longer about stuff, but about culture and consciousness and understanding your place in the cycle."

Read the entire article here.

Featured in many national publications, Tracey's award winning kitchen and bath design showcases her innovative design sensibility and her exceptional and confident use of color.  Also offered - whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

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