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October 2011
Kitchen remodel
Mindful Living
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A Totally Awesome Kitchen Remodel
project of the month


The kitchen before (at left) was cramped.  After relocating the powder room and door and adding a bay window, the 245 square foot
new kitchen is bright and open.  The many eco-friendly features include the cabinets, the insulation, the paint, the appliances and lighting.  


Inspiration --

I'm deliriously in love with brightly decorated trucks!

Pakistani truck

I first saw them when my parents lived in Bangkok, Thailand in the late 1970s.  A recent NY Times article reminded me of their wild exuberance.

More eye candy here:
Pakistani trucks
Slide show
Mindful Living & Green Design --
Design With the Other 99%: Cities
October 15 - January 9
Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
at the United Nations Visitor Center
1st Ave between 45th & 46th Street, NYC

What have designers have been doing to improve living conditions for the billion people in the world living in informal settlements, or slums?  "It's easy to build a house, much harder to build a community," says Cynthia E. Smith, the show's curator. "Cities are very complex, and what the best designers illustrate is how to give form to sometimes very simple ideas. Good design involves bringing not just a fresh eye to problems but, most of all, listening to the people who live in those communities."

before and after stairs
Before and after a stair upgrade in La Vega, Caracas, Venezuela.
Rescued By Design, New York Times, 10/23/11

My award winning kitchen and bath design has been featured in many national publications, showcasing my innovative design sensibility and exceptional and confident use of color.  I also offer whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

If you want help with a bathroom or kitchen renovation, contact me at 973-744-8947 or, and please use the link below to forward this newsletter to your whole wide world!

Tracey Stephens,
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