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August 2011
Kitchen remodel
Mindful Living
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Kitchen Remodel
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kitchen remodel 

The Montclair kitchen before the remodeling (at left) had a free standing range with no counters and the refrigerator was in the hall.  A small corner bump out and redesigned layout made a big improvement.   


"Cooking and eating in our renovated kitchen is a pleasure! Friends and family agree. We owe a great deal to Tracey's design, her unerring eye for color, texture, shape, and light, and her skill in solving problems as they arise, often one step ahead of them. Thank you!" 


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kitchen remodel

Inspiration --
Guggenheim Museum, NYC

If you haven't been in a while, it's time to go!  The architecture of the museum itself might be the most compelling art there.


Guggenheim Museum, NYC



Solomon Guggenheim was an enthusiatic art collector in NY in the 1930s and his collection quickly outgrew his apartment. In 1943, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design a permanent structure for the collection. It took Wright 15 years, 700 sketches, and six sets of working drawings to create the museum. The Museum opened in 1959, ten years after the death of Solomon Guggenheim and six months after the death of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright remarked with glee that his museum would make the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art "look like a Protestant barn." The distinctive building, Wright's last major work, instantly polarized architecture critics upon completion, though today it is an icon and a National Historic Landmark.


Sources: Wikipedia and Guggenheim Museum.

Mindful Living & Green Design --



UltraTouch recycled denim insulation 

The kitchen featured this month used UltraTouch recycled denim insulation.  It's formaldehyde-free, so offgassing isn't an issue. The cotton fibers are treated with an EPA-registered fungal inhibitor that offers excellent protection from mold, mildew, fungus and pests, and provides outstanding fire-resistance.



Cellulose insulation installation 

Another smart choice is cellulose insulation made of 80-85% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds to resist fire, insects and mold.  It can be installed between the studs when the walls are open or blown into small cut out holes in existing walls. 


fiberglass insulation


The typical fiberglass insulation is effective yet problematic.  Side effects of contact with fiberglass include skin, eye and respiratory irritation, and worse, the toxic chemical formaldehyde (known to slowly off-gas from the insulation over many years) is used to bind the fibers together.  The National Toxicology Program issued a report in June 2011 listing formaldehyde (also found in standard plywood and products used by nail & hair salons) as a carcinogen.  Installation requires long sleeves, gloves and a mask.  That tells me something about how safe this is!      

My award winning kitchen and bath design has been featured in many national publications, showcasing my innovative design sensibility and exceptional and confident use of color.  I also offer whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

If you want help with a bathroom or kitchen renovation, contact me at 973-744-8947 or, and please use the link below to forward this newsletter to your whole wide world!

Tracey Stephens,
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