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May 2011
Montclair bathroom
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Montclair Bath - so fresh & so clean 
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montclair bath remodelbath before

This family bath was in desperate need of an update.  Read more about this Montclair bathroom remodel. 

Inspiration --
The Sharing Economy

A fascinating article about consuming less and sharing more.  Very inspiring!

Rachel Botsman, coauthor of the recently published What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption contends "This could be as big as the Industrial Revolution in the way we think about ownership." The evolution of the social web first enabled programmers to share code (Linux), then allowed people to share their lives (Facebook), and most recently encouraged creators to share their content (YouTube). "Now we're going into the fourth phase," says Botsman, "where people are saying, 'I can apply the same technology to share all kinds of assets offline, from the real world.' "


The central conceit of collaborative consumption is simple: Access to goods and skills is more important than ownership of them. Botsman divides this world into three neat buckets: first, product-service systems that facilitate the sharing or renting of a product (i.e., car sharing); second, redistribution markets, which enable the re-ownership of a product (i.e., Craigslist); and third, collaborative lifestyles in which assets and skills can be shared (i.e., coworking spaces). The benefits are hard to argue -- lower costs, less waste, and the creation of global communities with neighborly values.


Read the entire article in Fast Company magazine here

Mindful Living & Green Design --

"How bad for the environment can throwing away one plastic bottle be?" wonder 30 million people.


plastic bottle trashed


"It's just one bottle. And I'm usually pretty good about this sort of thing.  Not a big deal," continued roughly one-tenth of the nation's population.  All agreed that disposing of what would eventually amount to 50 tons of thermoplastic polymer resin wasn't the end of the world.


Read the entire news article here. 

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