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April 2011
Family friendly kitchen
Mindful Living
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Family Friendly Kitchen in Fair Lawn  
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family friendly kitchen

"Tracey took our wish list and turned it into a warm, inviting and practical space. Today our kitchen includes a computer station, space for homework, mudroom area, room for multiple cooks to work, and connecting space to read the paper and chat. It's a place for the whole family to share time together while managing our four busy schedules."

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Inspiration --

Color is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living. -- Georgia O'Keefe


pink and orange Clifden, Ireland


blue and yellow Clifden Ireland


blue thatched cottage Bunratty Ireland


Photos taken on a trip to Ireland with my son last month.   

(March 2011)
Mindful Living & Green Design --
Is a perfect lawn worth the risk?

Lawn pesticides and chemical fertilizers can:

  • Increase the risk of cancer, birth defects, asthma, learning delays & neurological problems.
  • Be harmful to children and animals.
  • Contaminate our drinking water.

You can have a green lawn and a safe lawn.  Use natural products and methods on your lawn.  Switch to a eco-friendly lawn care service.   


To find out more, attend a demonstration in Montclair on Sunday May 1st at 2 pm.  Email for the location and more info.


Or, replace your lawn with plants, walkways, patio, deck etc.  Do you really need or want all that grass?

My award winning kitchen and bath design has been featured in many national publications, showcasing my innovative design sensibility and exceptional and confident use of color.  I also offer whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

If you want help with a bathroom or kitchen renovation, contact me at 973-744-8947 or, and please use the link below to forward this newsletter to your whole wide world!

Tracey Stephens,
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