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May 2010
Spicy Kitchen
Mindful Living
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A spicy kitchen
project of the month

spice colored kitchen

This traditional kitchen in Glen Ridge features warm spice and food inspired colors: cinnamon cabinets, a deep beet red painted hutch, and warm curry in the granite and glazed wall finish.

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Conserving electricity

The EPA introduced Energy Star in 1992 as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Computers and monitors were first.  The ENERGY STAR label is now on major appliances, office equipment, lighting, home electronics, and more.  Through using ENERGY STAR labeled products, Americans saved enough energy in 2009 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 30 million cars - all while saving nearly $17 billion on their utility bills.

Purchase only Energy Star household products.  They meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

Keep all your appliances in good working order.  Not making needed repairs or keeping up with recommended maintenance makes the appliance work harder thus wasting energy and shortening its life.

Unplug small appliances & electronics when not in use (toaster, microwave).  An Energy Star study reports that 40% of the electricity that home electronics use (such as computers and cable boxes) is consumed while the products are turned off.  Read more here:

Inspiration - color 
Spices for sale in the market in Istanbul.  I find myself returning to the warmth of these colors again and again.  Look below at curry, saffrom, cumin, paprika, garam masala and the ever popular "meat ball".  (Maybe that's the Department of Lost in Translation?)

Spices for sale in the market in Istanbul.

Featured in many national publications, Tracey's award winning kitchen and bath design showcases her innovative design sensibility and her exceptional and confident use of color.  Also offered - whole house design services including paint color consultations and furnishings.

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