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September 2009

Why Happy?

Several people have commented I seem to laugh a lot. What's so funny? I find a lot of things funny, cute, etc. I look for something to laugh about every day. If I have a bad day, I try to find several opportunities to laugh. The baby birds that are as large as their moms, still following mom around to be fed. The birds trying to get the sunflowers out of my plants that the wind has set on their sides, so that the birds have to almost hang upside down to get them. My granddaughter learning to do a raspberry and startling herself. Me being so clumsy that I stepped on my own foot. There are as many funny-cute things in life as there is bad. I acknowledge the bad - they are never pleasant nor will they ever be. I just choose to also acknowledge the funny. I prefer to spend the majority of my day amused. How about you?

Look around, find something to make your day a little funnier. Maybe my family of birds are visiting your yard today. Enjoy!


In the August 12th Dallas Morning News, there was an interesting article on the front page. It quoted a study recently done concerning colon cancer patients and the findings which showed patients on aspirin taken regularly had a much better chance of survival than non users.

If you wish to read the article, you can read it on the Dallas Morning News site here.

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Hormones, Hormones, Hell or Well

All the news stories including but not limited to Oprah, and Dr. Phil, give a good deal of information about how getting the right combo and right kind of hormones for women and men is important.

Symptoms are definitely important to the patient since that is what they are having to deal with daily if not hourly. The real test needed is to do a hormone test to find out what the levels are - we do saliva testing through a reputable lab at our pharmacy. A lot of symptoms can come from too much of a hormone as well as too little. It is important to find out your levels. The first rule of medicine is to do no harm - so we don't want to give hormones to a person who already has too many.

With all the soy and tofu eaters now, we are finding a lot of peri-menopausal women have very high estrogen levels even though their bodies are trying to go into menopause. You add overweight women to that scenario and estrogen levels just keep going up. Unfortunately the same is not true with your progesterone levels, this typically lowers as women age. One report suggests progesterone levels start dropping as much as 8 years before menopause, making these women estrogen dominant.

Progesterone is nicknamed the feel good hormone. The structure of bio-identical progesterone is a lay over match for what a woman's body naturally produces. Progestin is a synthetic manufactured hormone. While progesterone matches up to 100% of the progesterone receptors in the body, progestin only fits at 78%. Bio-identical hormones are a true miracle for a lot of women since the body's naturally made hormones and the bio-identical are both accepted as the same by the body. The body doesn't have "to get used to" the new pills.

The body makes 3 estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone, as well as several other hormones, including the adrenal glands and thyroid hormones. A lack of any of these hormones can make you forgetful, tired, and irritable. Don't assume it is something you need to just get through. If it has been going on for a while or is getting worse with time, then you need to go in for a check up, talk to your doctor, come by and talk to Gary about getting your hormones tested through a saliva test, have a few blood work tests to check on all the other options.

We have seen a lot of women and men turn their symptoms around and find they don't have to "just get through it." Come by and talk to Gary today.

Save This Date

Do you like good food? Do you like to eat out but just don't know all the new places in town to go? Have you had the opportuntity to see the home of the Grand Prairie Airhogs - Quik Trip Park - located out by Nokia and Lone Star Park? Do you enjoy seeing fireworks?

Well all this and more will be available on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

When: Thurs. Sept 24
Time: 4pm to 5pm for Senior Citizens,
         5pm to 8:30pm - Open to Public
Cost: Adults $10
         Students and Senior Citizens $5
         Age 5 and Under - Free

50 Exhibitors - Samples of what they offer, Silent Auction, Lots of door prizes

Tickets at:
Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce
900 Conover Dr, Grand Prairie, TX
(972) 264-1558

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about peri-menopause, menopause, and hormone replacement? Do you have questions about symptoms and what your options are?
Gary is holding a meeting about this and more on Tuesday evening November 17, 2009 at 7:15pm.
Cost of materials is $10. It is limited to the first 25 people who come in, pay for material and sign up.


1.) Get your prescription bottle from your old pharmacy
2.) Give us a call at (972) 264-0268
3.) Tell either Gary or one of our technicians:
          Your name
          Your phone number
          Your old pharmacy name and their phone number
          The prescription number or numbers
          Your doctor's name (and their phone number is great, too)
4.) Any insurance information
5.) We'll handle the rest

You can also just bring in your prescription bottle in to us.

Fresh Fish
I have had a lot of people tell me they do not know how to cook fresh fish other than frying it - usually with a batter.

I have what I feel is a simple recipe that is also friendly to the body.

I take a cookie sheet and line it with aluminum foil, then spray it down with cooking spray - I use butter flavored. I then take my fish fillets and spray them down on both sides with the spray. I usually lay some fresh rosemary sprigs down and lay the fish on top of the sprigs. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over top of the fish. I always have the skin side down for fish. I sprinkle salt and pepper on top, close up the foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for approximately 25-30 minutes. Fish is done when it flakes easily. I like cooking tilapia and catfish this way.

Disclaimer: This newsletter is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Anyone who has a serious disease or ailment should consult a physician before initiating any change in treatment or before beginning any new treatment. All items are my opinion.