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Hey, we are going into year 2010 with a bang - no pun intended.

We're located at now - with Kathy's Korner recipes located there. Right now, the recipes are in alphabetical order, according to the recipe name. We also have an archive section of our newsletters that we are building up, as well as an information section about our compounding.  
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MS Cafe - Steak and Lounge Fusion
2615 Majesty Drive, Arlington
(817) 522-0089
Mon-Thurs 7am-9pm
Fri & Sat 7am-10pm
Sun 7am-4pm
Yes, it is over by Six Flags - across the street from Mariono's. We have had the salmon, ribeye, herb crusted catfish, and sushi in evening. All have been very tasty and unique in flavorings. Owners are very friendly, the service is above average, glasses are kept filled. I personally recommend the salmon - I have had it twice and it was great both times. They also serve breakfast but we haven't tried it yet.
Isabella's Pizzeria
617 W. Marshall, Grand Prairie
(972) 262-5108
Everybody knows Isabella's and how great all their food is. There are signs on the building for rent. The other stores next to them are for rent - not Isabella's. So call them - enjoy their great food today and tomorrow. Tell them that Kathy & Gary said Hi! 

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As you may or may not know, compounding is one of the things Gary loves to do in our pharmacy, and it has helped a lot of people over the years. When a particular drug is taken off the market and it is the only thing that has brought relief, that is a tradedy for our patient's health and quality of life. Whether the drug is just discontinued (usually due to choice of manufacturer's financial decision) or commerically unavailable due to shortage of materials, etc. Example As of writing of this newsletter ARMOUR Thyroid is commerically unavailable. With doctors permission, we are able to compound that for our patients - our patients are having wonderful outcomes with our compounded prescriptions and are reporting feeling much better with the compounded product. We are using Thyroid Powder USP which is what ARMOUR Thyroid is made from. If this is something you or your loved ones are interested in, please drop by the pharmacy or have your doctor contact us. With all compounds, we need a doctor's permission and prescription.
As stated above, compounding a prescription can be a life improving step for some of our patients. It may be as simple as making a prescription without lactose when all the commerically available ones have lactose. To a person who can't handle lactose, that is a life changing improvement.
There is a group who protects those right for you - our patients. That group is P2C2 - they protect the rights of patients in America to get all their medical needs met with pharmacy compounding. We highly recommend going onto their website Patients and Professionals For Customized Care (P2C2). It is free and carries some interesting information. They are very interested also in keeping Bio Identical Hormone Therapy available to the women who find relief through their compounded hormones. So please check it out.
Website is or call 1-800-927-4227, can also contact them at
1. April 9th - Breakfast Card Exchange from 7:45am to 9am at Chamber office. Bring $1 and plenty of business cards. May also bring door prize if you wish.
2. April 21st - Monthly Chamber Luncheon at Ruthie Jackson Center from 11am to 1pm. $20 at door or $15 with RSVP. You can RSVP at (972) 264-1558
3. Taste of Grand Prairie is going to be at QuikTrip Park on Sept 23, 2010.


1.) Get your prescription bottle from your old pharmacy
2.) Give us a call at (972) 264-0268
3.) Tell either Gary or one of our technicians:
          Your name
          Your phone number
          Your old pharmacy name and their phone number
          The prescription number or numbers
          Your doctor's name (and their phone number is great, too)
4.) Any insurance information
5.) We'll handle the rest

You can also just bring in your prescription bottle in to us.
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I decided that I did not like the long list of additives to my sausage, so I decided to make my own. I decided to get the lean ground pork - never cared for fatty meat personally. It was very tasty. Here's my recipe.

1 1/2 lbs. Ground lean pork (I got mine at Whole Foods)
1 1/2 T. Kosher salt
1 t. Course cracked black pepper
2 Dashes crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 t. Smoked paprika
1 t. Fennel seed
1 T. Crushed garlic
1/2 t. Sage (optional) 

Place all ingredients in bowl. Use hands and mix well. Form a ball and place in plastic bag. Refrigerate overnight to allow for flavors to blend. To use: Tear off amount for one patty, flatten out in hands, place on griddle or skillet. Cook as you would regular sausage patty. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This newsletter is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Anyone who has a serious disease or ailment should consult a physician before initiating any change in treatment or before beginning any new treatment. All items are my opinion.