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January 3-11, 2013 
Prof. Jerry Kutnick  
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Folksbiene Yiddish Theater Trip to NY 
The Golden Land
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Sunday, October 28
Golden Land Folksbiene trip
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Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture
Thurs, October 18 7:30 pm
In the Valley of the Shadow
James Kugel 
Dr. James Kugel
Renowned Harvard Professor and Bible Scholar
Free and open to the public
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Esther Tuzman Memorial
Holocaust Teach-In
Sunday, Nov 4, 3 pm
little boys from Holocaust
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Keynote speaker:
Dr. Robert Lifton
Holocaust scholar and author of The Nazi Doctors. Additional seminars, survivor testimonies and sessions for attorneys and teachers.
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November 7, 2012  

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Explore Jewish life at Penn, Temple, Drexel and West Chester. 

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Dear Friends,


Consistent with the High Holy Day spirit of renewal, Gratz College has ushered in the New Year with some exciting changes. First, there is our completely revamped website--streamlined, user friendly and packed with information about stimulating classes, programs and events. Second, there are some new faces at Gratz this year--on the board, in academics and on staff. We welcome these talented and committed people into our Gratz family and introduce them to you below.


In this Insider, you will also meet both a Gratz alumna with an interesting personal story and a current student, whose middle-of-the-night eureka moment brought her here. Taking readers across the globe, the newsletter also includes Dr. Saul Wachs' musings on his sabbatical in Israel, as well as reflections on Poland from participants in this summer's Gratz trip. Finally, in this issue, you will find announcements for some of the year's interesting and provocative lectures and programs.


With much to look forward to, Gratz College joins all of you in eagerly embracing the exciting promise of a new year. Shana tova to all!


Joy Goldstein signature
Bruce Holberg                                                       Joy W. Goldstein
Chairman, Board of Governors                                 President

POlandPoland: Exploring Jewish Life Past and Present

"The perception that Poland is just a cemetery with Jewish blood is a very incomplete picture," says David Mink, participant in this summer's Gratz trip to Poland. And he should know because Mink and his fellow travelers got the complete picture of Poland this summer. Led by Gratz professor Dr. Michael Steinlauf, the group delved into Poland's robust prewar Jewish past, shuddered at haunting symbols of Nazi inhumanity and marveled at both the rebirth of Jewish life in Poland and the overall vibrancy of this country today. Read more

Acclaimed Bible Scholar to Lecture at Gratz

Twelve years ago, James Kugel, Bible scholar, author and former Harvard professor, received a grim cancer diagnosis. During his illness, Kugel was struck by what he describes as the sense of "human smallness" that pervaded his consciousness. Fortunately, he got the opportunity to delve into this perception more fully in his book, In the Valley of the Shadow. As stated in his website, this book explores "the essence of religious faith and what it leads to." At Gratz, on October 18th, as part of the Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series, Kugel will share some of his conclusions about religion and offer his current perspective on his near-death experience.

Saul Wachs

Saul Wachs: Back on Campus

Dr. Saul Wachs has returned to Gratz this semester after a sabbatical in Israel. In this issue of The Gratz College Insider, he recounts some of his personal joys, professional achievements and general reflections from his time abroad. For this window into his life in Israel, read more.

Honor for Gratz Professor and Her Former Student

This summer, Gratz professor Dr. Ruth Sandberg was invited to a prestigious international conference to present a paper that she had coauthored with her former student and current teaching partner, Michail Kitsos. This same paper has been tapped for publication as a chapter in a Bible series put out by a prominent publisher. While the paper describes methodologies for interpreting the Book of Ecclesiastes, Sandberg explains how, on a more fundamental level, this ancient biblical book is relevant to the world today, especially at this time of year. Read more

Marley Weiner

From Bible Camp to Rabbinical School for Gratz Alumna Marley Weiner

Marley Weiner refers to herself as a "professional Jew." This title is particularly fitting for Weiner, who is both a new rabbinical student and Gratz Jewish Community High School (JCHS)teacher. The title is also an apt description of Weiner's life over the last several years: whether she was leading services at Hillel or coordinating programs for the Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI), Weiner was involved in supporting the Jewish community. Yet every Christmas Eve, this "professional Jew" attends church services. To find out why, read more.

Suzanne Gereaux

Student Spotlight: A Late-Night Discovery Brings Suzanne Gereaux to Gratz College

Suzanne Gereaux is a student in the Gratz online master's program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Her ultimate goal is to teach in a college or junior college setting. What makes her story remarkable, however, is that it took an economic downturn and a case of insomnia for her to get here. To learn about Gereaux's unexpected path to Gratz, read more.

New Faces at Gratz

On the Board

We are delighted to welcome Terry Katz, Judith Fellheimer and Michelle Portnoff as new members of the Gratz College Board of Governors. We look forward to profiling each of them in future issues of this newsletter.


In Academics 

Josh Gutoff2Joshua Gutoff: Assistant Professor of Jewish Education and Program Coordinator of Ed.D. in Jewish Education

"One of the really exciting things about Gratz is that because it's not a denominational school, the tradition here has been to provide people with the tools to lead rich Jewish lives in directions of their own choosing. It's a very compelling model of education."  Read more


Dick ScaldiniDr. Richard Scaldini: Interim Dean for Academic Affairs

"I am very excited to join Gratz for this year. The college enjoys an excellent reputation in Jewish education and has made many significant contributions over the years. The people comprising the college community show a passion for Jewish learning and a commitment to innovation that are the hallmarks of leading institutions."  Read more



On Staff

Michael Blum

Michael Blum: Director of Teen Engagement

"In the end, the exciting piece of this job is the ability to engage and empower Jewish students and to be a part of their Jewish journey."  Read more 






Joe HendersonJoseph Henderson: Interim Director of Financial Aid  

"I am amazed to be part of such a wonderful school. I truly enjoy waking up and coming to work at Gratz each day. The students are great, and the staff and faculty are very supportive and friendly."  Read more




Maria Silvester Maria Silvester: Director of Enrollment Management

"What I find about Gratz is that the people here are extremely committed to the process of education. I am truly inspired by their level of commitment."  Read more




                                                                                             Sheila Weeks-Brown 

Sheila Weeks-Brown:

Director of Finance and Administration  

"Working at Gratz has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about Jewish culture. I am excited about working for an organization that enriches people's lives."  Read more