Huge Ratings for Held Hostage:
Over 2 million Lifetime Movie Network Viewers!
Michelle Renee Heahshot
Held Hostage: The Movie

Based on the true story of Michelle Renee and her daughter's kidnapping- Held Hostage originally premiered on Lifetime Movie Network on 7/19/09, where it earned 1.3 million total viewers!


Through 29 telecasts, Held Hostage has been seen by over 2 million viewers!  

Today, Michelle is writing about having to overcome another hostage situation.... 

Last December 8, 2011, Michelle Renee and daughter, Breea were held hostage... again. 
That day 18-year old high school senior, Breea, became paralyzed on the left side of her body after an acute onset on Multiple Sclerosis. 
Michelle and Breea had to survive an unwanted intruder. Their work together and ability to face this life-altering condition with grace and humor helped to bring Breea's incredible recovery.
Though Doctors said she would never walk again, Breea crossed the stage unassisted to receive her high school diploma this summer. 

READ Michelle Renee's recent article on Multiple Sclerosis on the Huffington Post.  


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