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She is an international speaker and author whose message is the unlimited power of choice. At 15, she discovered her father was the infamous "Happy Face" Serial Killer. 

Her book, Shattered Silence, is her honest account of growing up with a sociopathic father.  She had to re-learn-- from friends and family members-- what "normal" was. She is an advocate for protecting victims and keeping children safe.
Michelle Renee 


As an author and speaker, Michelle has taught "extreme resiliency for over ten years. 


She has overcome the trauma of domestic violence, a horrific home investigation/kidnapping with her seven year-old daughter, and has had to navigate the challenges of her daughter's Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. 


She is author of Held Hostage, which is also a Lifetime movie that has premiered globally. 

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...Is an author and speaker who, early this summer, received the National Crime Victim Law Institute's 2012 Gail Burns-Smith Excellence in Victim Services. 


Jennifer currently serves as the Executive Director of the Victim Witness Assistance Program. She is also the author of several books: The Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma, Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up: A Guidebook through Victimization for People in Recovery, Blackout Girl: Growing up and Drying Out in America and Leave the Light On: A Memoir of Recovery and Self-Discovery.

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