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PPMRN 4th Annual Conference 

September 23-24, 2011 at Rutgers University

The Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network will hold its Fourth Annual Conference on September 23-24, 2011 at Rutgers University in New Jersey. This year's theme is "Public Performance Measurement: Training, Teaching, and Action."  


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Public Performance Measurement Online Certificate Program

The second module in the Public Performance Measurement certificate is now open for registration. Public Performance Based Budgeting (PPM 200) begins on September 6, 2011 and ends on October 7, 2011.  


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Please note: Registration ends August 31, 2011, so be sure to register now!   

Complimentary Webinar  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 (Archived)

Citizen-Centric Reporting Webinar (Audio Only) (under Top News)       

Hosted by: Association of Government Accountants            

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Upcoming Events

September 7-8, 2011 

Conference on Performance Measures for Transportation and Livability

Texas Transportation Institute

Austin, TX


September 12-15, 2011

Government Performance Management Week

The Performance Institute

Washington, D.C.


September 23-24, 2011

4th Annual Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Conference

Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA  


October 1-2, 2011

2011 International Conference on Government Performance Management and Leadership

Portland State University's Mark O. Hatfield School of Government

Portland, OR


October 17-20, 2011

How to Enhance Transparency, Set Priorities, Monitor Progress & Drive Results

The Advanced Learning Institute

Ottawa, Canada

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 Performance Measurement and Reporting In The News

Leadership Driven Grant Planning For a Lean Economy 


August 15, 2011

Summary: PoliceOne.com's Denise Schlegel asserts the importance of looking at the multi-faceted functions of running a police department (i.e., data management to policing strategies) with respect to efficiency assessment when applying for grant funding during hard economic times. Schlegel's article forewarns police departments about the intense competition for the grant application process in the fall season, and how budget processes need to move in the direction of "asset-driven" approaches instead of depending on "line-item driven" techniques. Schlegel recommends internal assessments of current strategies and defers to the expertise of several online resources that could help police departments integrate a Performance Measurement process.


Another Award for City Of Albany 


August 14, 2011

Summary: The International City/County Management Association Center (ICMA) for performance measurement has recognized Albany, New York for its work in the area of transparency and performance measurement. In order to be recognized, the City of Albany needed to participate in a certificate program requiring an independent evaluation of their local government performance measurement program along with a peer comparison over a certain time period. Other performance measurement distinctions for the City of Albany include: The League of Oregon Cities Good Governance Award, the Sunshine Review Sunny Award, and a Government Computer News citation recognizing their website, to name a few.


City Offers New Public Data Access Tool

Williams Yorktown Daily

August 13, 2011

Summary: The city of Williamsburg, VA launched the web-based Public Dashboard system, a reporting tool allowing citizens to view the City's performance data in all operational areas. Winner of the 2010 Governor's Technology Award and International City/County Management Association Center (ICMA) for Performance Measurement Certificate of Distinction, the City of Williamsburg's Public Dashboard system compiles data capturing expenditure and revenue information across some of the following areas: mass transit ridership, public works, and crime statistics. The web-based data mirrors the content city employees work with on a daily basis, according to Jack Tuttle, City Manager.


SESers to Have New Metrics by September

Federal News Radio

August 3, 2011

Summary: Federal News Radio's Jason Miller, Executive Editor, reports on the completion of a long-awaited performance project designed to revise and standardize Senior Executive Service performance management systems by September 30, 2011. John Berry, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, pre-released the program's general initiatives in a memo to agency secretaries, which will include the selection and appraisal of federal executives. The performance management project was started in May 2010.  

Public Performance Measurement Certificate Program 

We are pleased to inform you that registration for the next module in the Public Performance Measurement program is now available! Offered by the National Center for Public Performance and the Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network, the Public Performance Measurement certificate is a vital tool for establishing and/or broadening performance measurement expertise.  

PPM Certificate
Public Performance Measurement Certificate Schedule:   


>Performance Based Budgeting (PPM 200)

  September 6, 2011 to October 7, 2011 

     Registration Deadline: August 31, 2011     


>Strategic Planning and Management (PPM 300)

  October 24, 2011 to November 28, 2011    


>Citizen Surveys and Reporting (PPM 400)

  December 12, 2011 to January 13, 2012     


>Governmental Transparency and E-Governance (PPM 500)

  January 30, 2012 to March 2, 2012


Read what students have to say! - Download: Student Feedback (pdf)  


Download: PPM Certificate Information Sheet (pdf) 


For More Information: http://spaa.newark.rutgers.edu/home/programs/ppm


To Register: https://spaanwk.scholarchip.com