News from PPMRN - October 2009

PPMRN Forum on Possible Application of National Performance Management Standards
by Jim Moore,
Director of Government Programs at The Rensselaerville Institute

Last month the National Performance Management Advisory Commission did us all a great service in issuing a draft of its' Performance Management Framework. While not yet in final version, it is clearly an impressive work. The Commission makes clear that transition to a robust performance management system requires a cultural change for governments ready to accept the challenge of 'delivering on what we promise.' The new culture requires all hands to learn to use data for forecasting and improving the delivery of services. 

Let's be clear. Many cities, counties and some state departments are well advanced. Many more have improved "public reporting." But the Commission is clear: reporting what happened is not "managing performance." And, while some units and sectors of government are well advanced, health and human services tends to lag behind because of the inherent difficulties in predicting how the recipients of services will respond to what is offered Community development and neighborhood stabilization are perhaps even more difficult. How about measuring prevention... of crime, of mental health, illness?

The challenge of this cultural shift is significant, but there are relatively simple tools and methods government leaders and managers can use to speed the journey within all the limits of jurisdiction, budget pressures, and inertia. PPMNR invites members to join a forum co-hosted by the Rensselaerville Institute to discuss possible first, second, or fifth steps which will help you move your organization into the performance management culture....

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Please respond to the questions posed in the rest of this article to indicate where you would like the dialogue to begin and proceed in the following PPMRN Forum.
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