Butterfly E-Bulletin - March, 2010
  Reporting on News and Events for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children 

Offering "Peace in the storm."

Sherry"Thank you for some peace in our storm." These are the words of Nancy, the mother of Adam, a young man on treatment for tumor progression, five years after his initial diagnosis. After reading Nancy's hand-written letter I called her, only to hear further teary words of appreciation for the assistance she received through our Butterfly Fund.


As Patient & Family Services Coordinator for BTFC, I have the privilege to meet many amazing families. Whether by phone, email or personal contact, I am always touched by the strength and courage displayed by our parents, who must take leave from work, miss out on special moments with their other children, and educate themselves in the field of medicine without missing a beat. 


As they face new and daunting challenges, the Butterfly Fund is a source of support for our families at some of their lowest moments. From the single parent scrambling to make ends meet, to the two-parent household who must decide which income to give up, to families already damaged by the economy, the Butterfly Fund provides emergency financial relief, helping parents/guardians focus on the most pressing concern...the health of their child.


While also committed to supporting research for a cure, we at BTFC understand the immediate and critical needs of families during the treatment process. With each application funded, we are honored to have helped. With each unexpected note of gratitude, we are reminded why we work so hard. With each tear shared with a parent, we are reminded of the importance of the Butterfly Fund and grateful - thanks to our donors - that we can provide a little peace in the storm. 

Announcing Carley's Rays of Hope and the Dallas DuBose Memorial Fund.

Dallas DuBose

Each year the parents of more than 2,000 children will hear the devastating words, "Your child has a brain tumor." Thus begins a heart-breaking journey where mothers and fathers watch as their child endures brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and medical issues that can affect every aspect of the family's life. Sadly, at the end of this journey, too many parents are faced with the unspeakable pain of watching their child earn his or her "angel wings."

 Claire speaking

The tragedy of their loss has moved two families to establish funds through BTFC as an enduring legacy of their precious children, raising money to assist other families affected by pediatric brain tumor disease. Lawrence and Shel DuBose have established the Dallas DuBose Memorial Fund in memory of their son Dallas. And Scott and Vindi McMaster have established the Carley's Rays of Hope Fund in memory of their daughter Carley. Both of these funds are now a part of BTFC.


Meet the Kittel Family from Wausau, WI!

Kittel Family
Looking back, we can't begin to explain the feeling we had while sitting in James' hospital room talking about paying bills and getting our taxes done in time when the local hospital coordinator walked in and said there was a foundation that could help us. The BTFC!  Was that great news! It was hard enough for Jane and I to be off work all those months then on top of that having to worry about our monthly bills. At that point in James' struggle we were driving approximately 50 miles one way. Trying to keep our 8-year-old daughter in school and living a normal life too. Then having to eat out everyday..."
So writes Tod Kittel from Wausau, WI, in an email to BTFC just as we were in the midst of putting together this E-Bulletin. Read more about why this story is so relevant and see James' experience chronicled on the local Wausau TV news.


Sunday, April 18 "Flight of the Butterflies"  - The party you won't want to miss!  Buy tickets

Summerour Studio
Monday, May 3 - North Perimeter Optimist Club "23rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament" - Trophy Club, Alpharetta, GA - A terrific golf event that benefits BTFC!  Write Joe Pyen @ jpyen@comcast.net for info.   
     N. Perimeter Optimist Club   
Tuesday, May 4 - "J. Smith Lanier & Co. Charity Classic"  - One of the finest golf events in Georgia! Click here for sponsor information!
  Golf Classic Kids 2010
Saturday, May 8 - "A Taste of Hope" - An evening of culinary delights & live jazz music!  Buy tickets 
 A Taste of Hope
Saturday & Sunday, May 22 & 23 - Blue Grass Festival to Benefit BTFC - Hosted by our Friends in Blairsville, GA - The first of its kind! Visit our website for info coming soon!
 Lovin Blue Grass
Saturday, May 22 - "BTFC 2nd Annual Family Picnic"
Connect with friends, old and new!
 Family at picnic 
Click here for a complete 2010 calendar.
Established in 1983 in Atlanta, GA, the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children was the first non-profit organization in the United States to focus on pediatric brain tumor disease. The Foundation's mission is: "To provide financial assistance, social support, and information for families of children with brain and spinal cord tumors; fund research projects that improve treatment options and search for a cure; and raise public awareness of the disease and advocate on behalf of children who are affected." BTFC serves children and families throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Our south Florida chapter, Christina's Kidz, is dedicated to helping Florida families.