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If you have clients who love horses or who gravitate toward the down-home comfort of guest ranches, they will not want to miss this special offer from C Lazy U. Time is of the essence as this Horse Clinic featuring renowned trainer Aaron Ralston (not THAT Aaron Ralston!) will be April 24-26.

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"Horse Clinic Weekend Getaway"
at C Lazy U Ranch
April 24 - 26
Horse Clinic
This all-inclusive two-night package at the C Lazy U Ranch features "five-spur" lodging, dining and service.

As an excuse...your clients can dust off that saddle & take part in a world-class horsemanship clinic with Aaron Ralston - champion rider and trainer who is featured on RFD-TV. They can bring their own horse, or they are welcome to ride one of ours!

Reservations: 970-887-3344

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