AutoMax is the country's largest recruiter and trainer of inexperienced salespeople for the automobile industry!

That's just a fact, we have held over 10,000 recruiting/training campaigns and helped develop over 85,000 people over the last 12 years so what you are about to read may puzzle you a bit but I feel it's well worth considering. 

The last couple of years have been "interesting" to say the least, all of us have had to make some pretty dramatic changes to survive/thrive during these times, survival has meant letting good people go, cutting almost everything we felt wasn't profit producing, look at every single facet of our business's and that of course for most of us was probably way overdue.


Thriving during this period of time for many has meant indentifying what we are willing to do that our competition is not willing to do and take massive action to eliminate some competition.


Same is lame.....

Now news has been mostly good lately, things are turning, cars and truck sales are increasing, traffic is up and so now dealers need more salespeople!

Stop The Madness
NewsHow many times are we going to do the same thing we have always done...sales increase, we run an ad, traffic is up, we run an ad, a couple salespeople leave, we run an ad...we react, react and react some more.
 You do it yourself and go thru that pain and agony or you choose to use a "vendor" like AutoMax, either way as dealers it's the same reaction to a situation rather than a solution to a problem or even better taking advantage of an opportunity. The opportunity is some outstanding talent is available provided you handle the recruitment, hiring and initial training of those people properly and professionally.

Don't get me wrong we can continue doing what we have always done and when you need us we set it up, handle everything and fill that current need.


What if we changed how we look at recruiting and initially training salespeople like we have had to look at all other aspects of our business's?

Lets Be Proactive
A plan, consistent, with a predetermined outcome or goal in mind rather than a knee jerk reaction to current economic conditions regardless of what they are.

Example: How many were you selling 2-3 years ago?


How many people did you have then?

How much time did you spend training, coaching, and mentoring those new people?


If you were doing 100 then with 12 people do you truly expect to do 100 again with 7?


The answer of course is no, so that means you need at least 5 new people, so you call us, we do what we do and get a bunch of people there, interview them, recruit them, train them and you push to hire the 5 or 6 you need.....STOP RIGHT THERE!


Mistakes are made that way....and pretty soon you look around and a few months later you have like 2 left and say" it didn't work" Well right you are.

Let's have a plan, a goal that we can help you with.


Take you time, let's plan ahead, do 3 campaigns a year and not only fill the "holes" to get you back to where you were but let's grow, take advantage of what we have in front of us. Take a few less and really hire the right ones, and let's train them properly up front and perhaps grow to a sales force in this example of 14-16 and sell 125-135 and do what your competition isn't willing or able to do!


Look we will take your money and when you call on a Thursday we will be there the following Monday and get it done, but now is the time to finally do it right, slow down, let's really communicate so we both know what your long term goals for your store are and how AutoMax can help get you there


"If we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we always got!"


Craig Lockerd
AutoMax Recruiting & Training