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 NARUMI - Bone China - New Collection                       


November 2011

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Dear Madam / Sir,

We would like to present to you NARUMI Bone china from Japan.Visual appeal, aesthetic design and remarkable quality form the hallmark of NarumBone China. Its subtle colours, graceful edge and rich luster add a touch of elegance to any interior.

The predecessor of Narumi Corporation was founded in 1911. Since that time Narumi has been devoted to producing fine quality tableware. Narumi Corporation is one of Japan's leading tableware companies, and is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of ceramic tableware such as bone china. In 1965 Narumi succeded in mass production of dinner sets of bone china for the first time in Japan. The history of bone china in Japan is
the one of Narumi.


Narumi Bone China was brought to perfection by combining traditional elegance fostered over many years with modern technology and immense research and development efforts. The two production facilities for producing Narumi bone china are fully integrated factories including printing section. As they are 100% owned by Narumi Corporation, stringent quality check is performed at each production stage . This is the essence for keeping the high quality of Narumi bone china. Narumi's sublime beauty, fine translucence, and elegant glaze, have established Narumi Bone China as a product of outstanding quality across the globe.



          2376-Tea Cup                               4338-Tea/Coffee Pot w/Cover

         1730-Tea/Coffee Saucer




  1752-19cm Coupe Soup Bowl      4333 - Creamer





         1747-27cm Dinner Plate                    3261- Casserole w/Cover




                                                  1786 - 32cm Oval Platter 


  • Warm tint body created by frit glaze
  • Elegant, shining and lustrous surface
  • Perfect unity of size and shape
  • Superior translucency
  • High-density crystallized body

  2802-Bouillon Cup (S)                              2800- Tea Cup (S)   
  5583-Common Saucer                             5583- Common Saucer
  5580-24CM Soup Bowl                         5575-27CM Dinner Plate

Calcium phosphate combines each element in the raw material and eliminates impurities during high temperature firing. Specially designed refractory cases for firing bodies create perfect unity of size and shape. 



 Strata Relief                                     Strata Relief

 5625 - Tea/Coffee Saucer                 5626- Bouillon Saucer

  Plain White                                      Plain White

  2710-Tea/Coffee Cup                       2712-Bouillon Cup



Plain White                                         Plain White

4583-Tea Pot                                      45841-Body for Sugar

                                                           45842-Cover for Sugar 


Strata Relief                                     Strata Relief

5624-23cm Rim Soup Bowl              5622 - 27cm Dinner Plate 

Plain White                                        Strata Relief                                    

5523-30cm Rectangle divided tray      5524-30cm Square divided tray


Let Narumi's exquisite texture, elegant design and originality provide you a wonderful opportunity to explore splendid tableware and add to a delightful dining experience. We would be glad to assist you if you have any queries. Looking forward to your kind response.


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