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IMAX film RESCUE and Search & Rescue Expo
Steven Heicklen, a volunteer fireman, leads his team against a blaze
RESCUE gives voice to the quiet ones who simply get it done, bringing home the importance of worldwide response to natural disasters. It shows the training and mindsets of the individuals who answered the call, both personally and professionally, to provide humanitarian aid to those in need, after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Their interwoven stories bring a sense of quiet humility and devotion to others, an epic journey of hope in the world of disaster and emergency response, captured in unprecedented scale and impact for the giant IMAX screen. At the RESCUE Expo, learn how local professionals respond to major disasters, experience an 8.0 simulated earthquake, and see live demonstrations by the SDFD and others. More>>


IMAX film RESCUE Opens January 6.


"Tinkering" People - Hugo and Inventors     

Hugo Along with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Leonardo da Vinci; Steve Jobs was a tinkerer/inventor, as were George Méliès and Rube Goldberg; Hedy Lamarr and George Washington Carver, Temple Grandin and Juan Lozano. The creations they developed have clearly taken on a life of their own and changed our world. Like Hugo Cabret recreating a secret automaton (see: current blockbuster film Hugo), 'Doc' Brown (that DeLorean in Back To the Future); and the current fascination with all things created with gear-and-lever technology in 'steampunk;' tinkering is no longer your grandpa's hobby! Follow in their inventive footsteps in the "Tinkering Studio" and create your own mythology! More>>

"Tinkering Studio" Opens Tuesday, December 27.

Thar She Blows! Moby-Dick sings about WHALES
WHALES Literature, High Art and Reality writ large - Join us to make solid connections between the world of marine science in the IMAX film WHALES and San Diego Opera's upcoming Moby-Dick. Hosts Dr. Nicolas Reveles, the Geisel Director of Education and Outreach for SDO, and Dr. Ann Bowles, Senior Research Biologist at Hubbs-Sea World Institute, will share dramatic audio and visual highlights from the new opera; as well as how author Herman Melville used his own experiences on the high seas for Captain Ahab's obsession with his nemesis. Then follow blue, humpback, orca, and right WHALES to the ocean depths to witness the sights, sounds, and survival of the migrations of the world's largest mammal. Pre-purchase required at San Diego Opera web site   

January 10
7 p.m.

Family Science Saturdays in the "Tinkering Studio"
Family Science Saturdays
Join us in the new "Tinkering Studio" for hands-on building fun each Saturday led by our tinkering gurus. Visitors work together on creative activities designed to spark curiosity and foster exploration. Make origami and Spirograph artwork; design and construct simple mechanical toys like tops, catapults and musical instruments; build marble "roller coasters" using tubes and ramps, or create "digital bling" using colorful LED lights, batteries and accessories. In January, our tinkering guru will assist visitors with building catapults and stomp rockets. Activities are included with admission (no extra charge) and all ages are welcome to join in the fun. More>>

ScholarShare College Savings Plan is a proud sponsor of Family Science Saturdays at the Fleet.
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Saturdays in January
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Visit the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Free!
Membership faces icon
January. 2 - 31 only!  Present your Fleet membership card for FREE admission at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, located at 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla, CA (across from UCSD). Open daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  For more information visit Birch Aquarium at Scripps or (858) 534-FISH (3474).

One more reason that Fleet membership is a great value all year long!

Not yet a member? Click here or call the Membership Office (619) 238-1233, ext. 713.

Membership Reminder: Always arrive 20 minutes before a film starts to exchange your member IMAX Voucher at the Ticket Counter before you line up at the Theater.

Can't Get to Palomar? - Try Young Scientists New "Winter Wonderland" Sessions!
Young Scientist
Kids discover a rare concept for San Diego - extreme cold - with "Let it Snow!," "Temperature Droppin'," "Snow Gear" and "Hibernation."  Preschoolers age 3-5 and their parent explore the scientific wonders of the world through experimentation, investigation and scientific questioning. Four 4-week sessions run monthly either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning. Limited to 8 students per class; includes guided exploration of the science galleries. New prices effective January 1st, 2012  9 a.m. -10:30 a.m.; $75/session (members), $85/session (non-members). More>>

Sessions begin February 11, 2012 - Register Today! 

BLACK HOLES Will Draw You to the FLEET on February 4 - New Exhibit & Daily Planetarium Show
Black Holes exhibit Exhibit: "Black Holes: Space Warps & Time Twists" explores what we know, don't know, and think we know about one of the world's greatest space mysteries-black holes. These regions in space, sometimes only a few kilometers across, have gravity so powerful that light cannot escape and matter drawn into them is lost forever. Einstein imagined black holes but doubted they could exist in nature. Today evidence suggests they are quite common. (February 4 through April 29, 2012). More>>

BLACK HOLES: The Other Side of Infinity BLACK HOLES: The Other Side of Infinity, the new daily public planetarium show, guides you through other-worldly wormholes to the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy and the violent death of a star and subsequent birth of a black hole. A state-of-the-art, fulldome giant screen digital projection system will augment the existing IMAX® projector in the Heikoff Dome Theater with one of the most comprehensive and powerful immersive fulldome experiences available today; taking our planetarium shows to a new level, with stunning visuals and incredibly realistic simulations of cosmic phenomena. Opening February 4, 2012. More>>

11th Annual OH! Zone Interactive FUNdraider on March 10th - Save the Date!
Oh Zone 2012
With science ... the future is in Technicolor, so gather your friends for an evening that spans the entire spectrum of sumptuous fare, fanciful libations, friends and fundraising at the 11th Annual OH! Zone Interactive FUNdraiser! Save the date, as formal invitations will be mailed out this month! For more information visit our web site or call 619.238.1233 x830.


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January Events
Senior Monday, Lecture cancelled
Free Tuesday
Exploring Ethics "Science Literacy and Underserved Populations"
6Fridays at the Fleet
7Family Science Saturday in the "Tinkering Studio"
10San Diego Opera's Moby-Dick & IMAX WHALES
11Young Scientists "Winter Wonderland" Sessions
13Fridays at the Fleet
14Saturday Science Club for Girls: "Amusement Park Physics"
14Family Science Saturday at the "Tinkering Studio"
14Search & RESCUE Expo
15IMAX en Español: MUMMIES
The Fleet is Open on Martin Luther King Day
Young Scientists "Winter Wonderland" Sessions
Fridays at the Fleet
Family Science Saturday at the "Tinkering Studio"
25Young Scientists "Winter Wonderland" Sessions
27Fridays at the Fleet
Family Science Saturday at the "Tinkering Studio"
IMAX Films


Under The Sea

Born to be Wild
Fridays at the Fleet
See "classic" and current IMAX films at 6, 7 & 8 p.m. every Friday night! Only $9.50 for one film and $6 for each additional film.
January  SCHEDULE:
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