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The Outreach Team at the Gladney Center for Adoption specializes
in educating the community on the loving option of adoption and the variety of services offered to birthparents and adoptive families.

We are proud of our 125 year legacy of creating bright futures through adoption!



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Celebrating 125 Years
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Spring 2012


Gladney Celebrates 125 Years of Creating Bright Futures Through Adoption!


All across the country, Gladney families will be celebrating the legacy and history of our remarkable agency which began as one minister's answer to the plight of orphaned children in Texas. Named for Edna Gladney, who was the agency's superintendent for almost 40 years and a beloved figure in Fort Worth history, Gladney Center for Adoption has helped over 37,000 birth parents and has placed almost 32,000 children in forever families.
Thanks, Aunt Edna!


 We'll be celebrating in many ways during the weekend of April 26-28!  If you'd like to join us, we'd love to see you at Six Flags on Thursday, April 26 or at the Gladney campus on Saturday, April 28, for a free, fun family extravaganza during the hours of 10:00-3:00. Our celebration weekend culminates with a Gala Evening at The Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday night. 
Please contact Karin Matula at 817-922-6073 or for more information.


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A Relaxing, Soothing and Fun
2 Day Retreat at Gladney!
JUNE 6-8

Food, Fun, Friends and Spiritual Renewal
Save The Date now...and watch for your formal invitation to come soon! 

Gladney is proud to announce our new


Look for them in close proximity to Pregnancy Resource Centers across the DFW Metroplex!


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Katelyn's Story
Have You Seen Katelyn's Story?

A courageous young birth mother shares her story of placing her daughter, Moriah, with her adoptive family. Katelyn's journey is poignant and uplifting...and may change your view of adoption forever. This magazine piece is perfectly designed for Pregnancy Resource Centers' waiting rooms and counseling rooms. The accompanying DVD slideshow, set to the music of "How He Loves Us", is powerful and memorable.
Call Karin today to order more for your center! 


*The March 2012 edition of Fort Worth Magazine published an article about Gladney's 125 years, and featured Moriah's adoptive parents Cristina and Jacob in the story.  Click on the link below and scroll to page 68 to read the article and see the photo of this beautiful new family!



Tools for your Client Advocates



We know you want to present the loving option of adoption to EVERY CLIENT who comes through your doors...with confidence and clarity. Be prepared by having adoption materials on hand in your waiting room and in every counseling room!


 "Adoption Choices"
"Adoption at a Glance"
are Gladney's brochures which can help your client understand her options if she chooses to make an adoption plan for her baby.



Our Christian Perspective brochure reassures women that God blesses and sanctifies adoption. Through scriptures 
referencing adoption, your clients can find a sense of peace and comfort, 
knowing that God has adopted us into His Kingdom through his Son Jesus Christ, and that He blesses families created through adoption.








Gladney's "Hope Hotline Card" is the size of a standard business card, perfect for placing in your clients' information packet. They're easy to have available in your center's counseling rooms or to leave discreetly in the restrooms.


Our Outreach Team is happy to provide adoption training for your staff and volunteers!  They will appreciate being updated on adoption programs and current adoption law, along with learning positive communication techniques for effective adoption counseling.
We are currently polishing up our BRAND NEW CURRICULUM
for Pregnancy Resource Centers!  This in-depth counseling training will take a focused look at the WHYs and HOWs of educating your clients on adoption! 

Available this summer...
call Karin to schedule YOUR training!