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Checklists are the key to preventative maintenance
Best Practice: Forecasting
Three Ways David (Small Businesses) Can Outmaneuver Goliath (Big Brands)
Featured Client:
SPI SÚcuritÚ
Read about how DE client
SPI SÚcuritÚ continually grew their business while adapting to the latest technology in ERP.

Almost immediately, SPI realized results with SX.enterprise, and over the last decade, they have increased their fill rate to almost 96%!

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Jammin' with Grant
Grant Howard hosted "Thriving in the Current Economy," the second session in this year's 4-part Jammin' with Grant series, in June.

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Stay tuned for details on the next session in September 2010.
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We are about two thirds into the World Cup and preparing for the release of summer's biggest blockbusters. Whether its chasing after the ice cream man or playing flag football, hopefully you've had some fun in the sun by now.

It's also about time for your summer reading, so hear from DE client SPI SÚcuritÚ about how SX.enterprise helped them continually grow their business. Then, test your preventative maintenance procedures using a checklist from The Wholesaler or read Dr. Barry Lawrence's "Best Practices: Forecasting." And if you are struggling against a larger competitor, read Small Business Trends' suggestions for keeping up.

If you missed the June Jammin' with Grant session, watch it now.

Enjoy the DE brief, and contact us with any questions.

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Checklists are the key to preventative maintenance
The Wholesaler's Inventory Management Specialist, Jason Bader, suggests using a system of checklists to disprove Murphy's Law in the warehouse. Invest in maintenance so anything that can go wrong may actually go right.

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Best Practice: Forecasting
Dr. F. Barry Lawrence believes risk is driven by forecasting, yet forecasting can not succeed without well-designed systems and well-trained sales and purchasing teams.

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Three Ways David (Small Businesses) Can Outmaneuver Goliath (Big Brands)
Small Business Trends' David Garland provides three ways small businesses can compete with their larger competitors: be creative, be first, and be human.

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