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Distribution EDGEucation   May 2010
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Think Strategically to Improve Your Odds
Picking Should Not Be A Scavenger Hunt
How to Win a Customer for Life (After You Screw Up)
White Paper: Charting a New Course in Effective Supply Chain Management

Multiple forces are pushing supply chain effectiveness to the top of the priority list for wholesale distribution. While the primary reasons for pursuing supply chain effectiveness continue to be lowered operating costs, improved customer service, and increased profitability, the complexities and challenges within today's marketplace have dramatically altered the strategies needed to achieve it. Distributors who fail to recognize this may not survive into the next decade.

Read this white paper to learn different approaches to address the changing market conditions.

Jammin' with Grant
Jammin' with Grant returned with a splash in March 2010, and our next session is just around the corner in June!

Stay tuned for the specific date, and in the meantime, check out Grant's most recent webinar, "Maximizing Profits and Staying in Business Forever."
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As we enter May, we are reminded how quickly time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for the Olympics and TUG, and both are now in the past. The summer months are just around the corner, so we must take immediate action to stay lean and continually improve our business.

To help improve your odds, The Wholesaler's Rick Schmitt offers his three secrets to distribution success, and Infor's white paper, "Charting a New Course in Effective Supply Chain Management," provides new approaches to improve the supply chain. Also, The Distribution Team's Scott Stratman reminds distributors to focus on accuracy in picking. Finally, The Customer Collective suggests taking action after you make a mistake to mend the relationship with your customer.

Enjoy the DE brief, and contact us with any questions.

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Think Strategically to Improve Your Odds
The Wholesaler's Management Specialist, Rich Schmitt, shares the secret to improving your odds of success in the distribution industry: good people, solid procedures, and good management.

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Picking Should Not Be A Scavenger Hunt
Founder of The Distribution Team, Scott Stratman, knows there are many ways to cut corners in the warehouse, but skirting the rules will only lead to inventory inaccuracy. In best practices inventory management, Stratman suggests distributors focus on accuracy during the picking process.

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How to Win a Customer for Life (After You Screw Up)
The Customer Collective's Kevin Eikenberry discusses the key to an apology-- taking action. Words are not enough, so if you make a mistake, think about how to correct it.

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