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Distribution EDGEucation December 2009
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Snow Blowers in the Spring? Managing the Seasonality of Inventory
Best Practice: Supplier Stratification
Create Content to Engage Early Stage Leads
Santa's Supply Chain Keeps Pace, Despite Changes
A few years ago, Dr. Adam J. Fein, renowned wholesale distribution industry expert, authored an entertaining and informative feature comparing the supply chain to activities at the North Pole.

Enjoy this creative piece over some hot cocoa and cookies.

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Where has the time gone? It seems like every December brings with it the disbelief that the year is coming to an end, but this was a particularly challenging year, and a new beginning sounds especially attractive. We hope you can spend some time this season enjoying the festivities and refueling for the strong year ahead.

Check out the below articles to continually improve your distribution operations. After you've read Jason Bader's suggestions on managing seasonal inventory, check out Dr. Adam Fein's entertaining and informative comparison of supply chains to the North Pole.

Enjoy the DE brief, and contact us with any questions.

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Snow Blowers in the Spring? Managing the Seasonality of Inventory
The Distribution Team's Managing Partner, Jason Bader, addresses how to deal with seasonal inventory. Learn how to manage seasonable product more effectively, and learn some key forecasting secrets as well.

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Best Practice: Supplier Stratification
Texas A&M's Dr. Barry Lawrence and his team discuss one of the earliest and one of the most important decisions-- Supplier Selection. They suggest a strategy known as Supplier Stratification, which is the process of stratifying suppliers based on profitability, distributor services, performance, and loyalty.

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Create Content to Engage Early Stage Leads
The Customer Collective's Ardath Albee encourages you to take stock of your website content and brochures. Do you have a sufficient collection of early stage content, or can you only respond to late stage concerns?

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