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Standout Presentations at Virtual Inforum 2009
Managing in an Uncertain Economy
Industrial Distribution: Fighting Back Against a Deep Recession
The Wholesaler: Effective Selling Begins with Information
Small Business Trends: Crafting a Killer About Page
McCordick Glove & Safety: A Tale of 5 Distribution Centers on 1 Network
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Demand Planning
for Distributors

Warehouse Solutions

Distributors have begun asking "Can demand planning unlock new profit potential for my business?" The answer is a resounding "Yes."

Leading distributors are turning to forecasting and inventory planning to increase profits across all three main activities in their organization: Buying goods, stocking goods, and selling goods.

Continue reading to learn how better forecasting and inventory planning can improve the
bottom line...
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Inforum 2009

October 20-21, 2009

Join Infor on October 20-21, 2009 for Virtual Inforum--
big value, low cost! Everything you need to drive business innovation without leaving your desk.

This year, Virtual Inforum brings best-in-class business solutions, educational sessions, and expertise to your desktop. Join your peers, Infor experts, and business partners online at Virtual Inforum 2009 and learn how to drive innovation while accelerating business performance.

Have fun with this event by including as many of your staff as possible in your conference room. Project the video and audio so everyone can participate together. Then, discuss amongst your attendees after the sessions to ensure everyone receives value.
The only cost is the general attendee fee of $49/attendee. Be sure to register soon, and please remember to enter your channel partner's name on the second screen of the online
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McCordick Glove & Safety

McCordick Glove and Safety

McCordick Glove and Safety

McCordick Glove and Safety

McCordick Glove and Safety
On the EDGE
Autumn 2009, Volume 2, Issue 4
Welcome to the Autumn 2009 issue of On the EDGE.

Sadly, summer is over, and it's Back to School. But as we enter the fourth quarter and continue to climb out of the economic slump, we can head back to the classroom.

This fall, Infor presents Virtual Inforum 2009, where you can find all the value of previous Inforums on your desktop! Infor is bringing everything to you. Well, almost everything; The Eagles can't make it this year.
Check out some of the must see presentations below.

Also in this issue, be sure to check out our white paper, "Demand Planning for Distributors." Plus, you will find links to some great industry articles from our favorite publications like The Wholesaler, Industrial Distribution, and Managing in an Uncertain Economy.

And when you need a break from all of the great information, check out our spooky Halloween trivia!

Have a terrific fourth quarter, and don't forget, we are just a phone call away.Distributor's EDGE Logo

The DE Team
Must See Presentations at Virtual Inforum 2009

Inforum 2009 is going virtual, which means big value at a small cost! Be sure to check out the following presentations:

CEO Jim Schaper's Keynote (October 20 at 11 AM)
An update on Infor featuring Jim Schaper, Infor CEO.

Product Roadmap and Strategy: Infor ERP SX.enterprise (
October 21 at 1 PM)
Learn about recent developments with Infor ERP SX.enterprise. Become familiar with key features and functionality in Infor ERP SX.enterprise 6.0 and then focus on the roadmap for the future.

Infor MyDay for Distributors (On-demand)
This session features in-depth training of Infor MyDay Roles from a Distributor's perspective. Includes specific set-up instructions for Infor MyDay, tailoring metrics and reports for each role, and setting up users. Learn to activate Infor MyDay and perform the initial data load.

Inventory Management: What I Need to Know
"Learn how to set inventory objectives. Understand the details that drive inventory management. Learn how to make it work, how to monitor, and how to maintain, all while improving customer service and maintaining profitability.

Register now.
Managing in an Uncertain Economy

Best Practices-- Sales Growth Through Inventory Reinvestment


One step forward and two steps back is what it seems at times with this economy. Still, most are starting to look at growth as the next objective. Distributor growth will, in fact, be the next consortium for the Council for Research on Distributor Competitiveness (CRDC), the joint research effort of the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and Texas A&M's Supply Chain Systems Laboratory. The NAW Institute Board of Directors selected the topic even before the recovery began, and the concept is now gaining momentum in the industry.

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Industrial Distribution: Fighting Back Against a Deep Recession


Distributors are fighting back against the deep recession by taking a series of extraordinary steps to reduce costs and maintain profitability, but overall they're still pessimistic about the economy for the remainder of the year, according to Industrial Distribution's 63rd Annual Survey of Distributor Operations.

In fact, the survey shows that some smaller distributors are increasingly worried about their ability to survive due to cash flow problems, customers cutting back on purchases, expanding national contract agreements and the continuing downturn in the automotive/aerospace sectors...

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The Wholesaler:
Effective Selling Begins with Information

Top Gun Sales, Columnist

Most salespeople love to be active - out in our territories, seeing people, solving problems, putting deals together. This activity-orientation is one of the characteristics of a sales personality. A day sitting behind a desk is our idea of purgatory. Unfortunately, this activity orientation is both a strength and weakness. Much of our ability to produce results finds its genesis in our activity orientation. It provides some of the energy to move us to sales success. But it can be a major obstacle.  Far too often, we're guilty of going about our jobs directed by the credo of "Ready, shoot...aim." The luxury of this kind of unfocused activity is a casualty of the Information Age...

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Small Business Trends:
Crafting a Killer About Page


I'm introduced to new Web sites every day. A friend will send me an article to read or someone will post an interesting link on Twitter and I'll click through. And after I'm done reading the information I was sent there for, my next click is on the About page. Your About page serves many purposes. It gives visitors important information about you, it's a trust agent, it introduces them to your site and your company and it's what differentiates you from all the other companies "like you" on the Web...

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McCordick Glove & Safety:
A Tale of 5 Distribution Centers on 1 Network

McCordick Glove and SafetySupplying a complete line of work gloves and safety supplies, McCordick Glove and Safety has been protecting the Canadian worker since day 1, which happens to be thirty years ago. With five distribution centers across Canada, including warehouses in Cambridge, Surrey, Edmonton, Boucherville, and Winnipeg, McCordick has made every effort to be accessible by their customers, who include direct to industry companies like Toyota, Maple Leaf Foods, and multiple Fortune 500 companies, and customers on the consumer side, such as Home Depot, Walmart, and Canadian Tire. Some of the products most widely distributed include industrial work gloves and eye, respiratory, and hearing protection. Fall protection harnesses are also a high volume item.

From the very beginning, McCordick's mission has been to be the leader in their industry; to be the partner customers know they can count on for the highest quality products, services, and value. Importing a full range of superior products direct from overseas, McCordick turned to Group Laurier, a founding partner of Distributor's EGDE, and SX.enterprise to continually achieve this mission. However, this initial partnership and implementation were only the first phases of the project. More recently, McCordick implemented TWL, Infor's Warehouse Management Solution, to further improve their customer service.

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