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Learning from a Challenging Economy
The Master Distributor: Your Auxiliary Warehouse
Connecting With Customers Especially Important Right Now
Adam Fein's Free Report
While discussions about the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act have dimmed, Adam Fein reminds distributors of the benefits in the stimulus bill. He even predicts that 2010 could be a strong year for the economy. Download his free report, Economic Stimulus Opportunities for Wholesale Distributors (courtesy of IBM), to learn more details about the stimulus bill, and check out his most recent post on his blog, Distribution Trends.
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We hope you are enjoying the beginning of the summer season. To kick it off right, check out the below articles. We think they will really resonate and generate some great ideas for moving forward. Enjoy the DE brief, and contact us with any questions.

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Learning from a Challenging Economy
Industrial Distribution's John Graham cautions business professionals: "We are so preoccupied with getting through the recession, we can easily fail to learn from the experience." Continue reading...
The Master Distributor: Your Auxiliary Warehouse
When the customer orders a product, he or she doesn't care where you stock it as long as you deliver it when they want it. Check out Jason Bader's inventory tips, and satisfy customers without increasing your inventory investment.  Continue reading...
Connecting With Customers Especially Important Right Now
On Modern Distribution Management's blog, Lindsay Young relays her pleasant experience at an auto repair shop, and she compares the similarities between the shop and distributors. Right now, "many distributors big and small are taking a closer look at the strength of their customer relationships," as well they should be. Continue reading...
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