Spring 2008
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We are changing too!
In this issue, you'll find highlights of our newly released book, "The Eight Constants of Change - What Leaders Need to Know to Drive Change and Win" and information on the new "Eight Constants of Change Lecture Series" which starts in April. We also have launched our new and improved website. Check out the "learn" section for several new articles on change management issues.


We have our regular newsletter feature, "In Your Shoes".  In this issue, Tom Beggs, Director of Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement for Candle-Lite talks about his approach since becoming a Certified Change Agent.

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The Eight Constants of Change

If organizations want to make effective change, they need to recognize and deal with the eight constants, the eight undeniable truths about change. In achieving any type of change, these eight constants can't be avoided, but we can work with them, mitigate their impact and use them to our advantage.


1. It Takes a Village

Organizations change when the people within them change.

2. An Object at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest
Resistance is inevitable.

3. Old Trees Have Deep Roots
Commitment to the past hinders change in the future.

4. Get to the Heart of It
Connecting to the head and the heart builds commitment.

5. Beware the Paparazzi
A leader's actions speak louder than words.

6. You Can Say That Again
Effective communication demands quality and quantity. 

7. If They Build It, They Will Come
People support what they help create

8. You're Not in Kansas Anymore
Sustaining change takes support and reinforcement.

Q&A: In Your Shoes
Tom Begg, Director of Manufacturing
and Continuous Improvement at Candle-Lite,
a Certified Change Agent, talks about his experiences with organizational change.

Have you approached projects differently after the certification? If so, how? 
Yes - with anything, "practice makes perfect". I've used the Change Management Pocket Guide to formally and strategically develop change plans, identify stakeholders and develop relevant communications. This is all prior to the actual execution phase. The assessment tools have been instrumental in targeting pockets of individuals that require more focused attention, during the change cycle. I've used the The Pocket Guide to add formal structure and discipline to the change process, which improved results, without hindering speed. The psychology of change is complex. Pre-planning addresses these complexities.
What advice do you have for others trying to drive change?

Clearly define exactly what is to be achieved with the change and why it is relevant. Establish Sponsor support from ranking official, within the organization. Determine who will be engaged during the change effort and define their role & needs. Agree on metrics that will accurately measure progress and ultimately assist in sustaining gains. Plan to communicate during each and every step of the change process. If communications are lacking, you can be sure that results will be disappointing. Be deliberate, methodical and disciplined in your execution of the change plan. The tools offered in the Change Management Pocket Guide dissect these macro steps into actionable items.


What one thing has helped you the most in driving change in your organization?


Establishing trust & understanding with the workforce.

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The Eight Constants of Change
Q&A: In Your Shoes
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