Summer 2008
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It's back to school time so we wanted this edition to focus on learning. With constant new challenges at work, we are individually and collectively always looking for ways to learn and improve.
We're excited about our first Change Agent Roundtable and you're invited. It's a face to face opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices and challenges in managing change.
Find details on the roundtable below. Also, read about our new Tool Selection Guide designed to help you choose which tool to use from our Change Management Pocket Guide.
Lastly, read Kate Nelson's article on "Change Saturation", do people have a limited capacity for learning and change? Read Article

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Kate & Stacy
Change Agent Roundtable
The emergence of immediate communication mechanisms and technologies has completely revolutionized the way most of us work.  Blackberrys, instant messages, text messages, and more create the illusion that we are closer than ever to each other. 
However, in many cases that closeness is just an illusion.  While technology is great for sharing information, it is not so great for sharing deeper understanding.  And while technology is a terrific tool for interacting with other people, it is not so terrific at helping us truly connect with others.  Sometimes, some good old fashioned face to face conversation can accomplish more than months of cyber-chatting.  
While we appreciate and leverage technology to the hilt, we think it makes sense from time to time to put down the devices and connect with other people eyeball to eyeball, truly making an effort to understand and share and learn. 
In October we will be holding our first Change Agent Roundtable Discussion in Cincinnati to get people together to share their past and current successes and challenges in driving change. The group will share stories, help make suggestions to each other to address challenges and learn from each other's successes.
We hope people will take advantage of this invaluable experience to be with people who are or have been in the same boat that they are in.
What Tool Should I Use?
Participants in our training and certification courses come from various backgrounds. They are experienced consultants, seasoned project managers and managers new to driving change. They are  from the health care, manufacturing, telecommunication and finance industries, to name a few. We have often been asked, "how will I know which tool I should be using?" Once you gain experience using the Change Management Pocket Guide and tools, this question becomes easier to answer. Until then, we've created a type of cheat sheet for our change management tools.
Click this link to view our newly created "Tool Selection Guide." The guide lists all of our 27 tools and links each tool to topics. These topics, including Leaders, Communication, Engagement, Resistance, and others, are issues or challenges you might be facing. The tools linked to each topic provide a method to better understand or address those particular challenges.
In addition, the Tool Selection Guide includes suggestions for when we use each tool (project beginning, project middle, project end or post implementation).  
We want to thank our clients who encouraged the creation of this reference guide. Your input and feedback is truly appreciated.  We hope you find this guide useful and feel free to let us know what you think Feedback.
Q&A: In Your Shoes
Sarah Brown and her colleague attended the Change Agent Certification in May 2008.  
Have you approached projects differently after the certification? If so, how? 
Yes, I used two of the tools with a project I am doing. In fact, I shared the tool with the organization and told them where they can find additional resources. 
What advice do you have for others trying to drive change?
Be patient with those working through the change. Everyone manages it differently. And remember, the more information you can share, the better!  

What one thing has helped you the most in driving change in your organization?

The tools have helped me. They are a great way to make sure I have not forgotten a key stakeholder or even someone who is not a key stakeholder but whom the change impacts.
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Change Saturation
Can an organization be experiencing too much change at any given time?  Over one third of organizations believe that they are at or beyond the point of change saturation (Prosic, Best Practices in Change Management 2007).  Less than 20% of the organizations reported that they had a significant amount of spare capacity for change.  Read Full Article
"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back"
Chinese Proverb

"Never try to discourage thinking, for you are sure to succeed"
Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize Literature, 1950