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Pedro's Promises $20,000 to IMBA's Public Lands Initiative


IMBA trail building at Point Reyes
Trailbuilding at Point Reyes
HAVERHILL, Mass. (April 20, 2010)
- Today Pedro's proudly announced an alliance with the International Mountain Bicycling Association to  support the IMBA Public Lands Initiative. The new national campaign seeks to improve access for mountain bicycling, protect public lands and engage the bicycling community in critical U.S. public lands issues.  Pedro's has pledged $20,000 in financial support to the campaign in order to increase mountain bike access across the nation.
"20 plus years ago, Pedro's was founded with a mission to support the mountain bike family. During last week's Bicycle Leadership Conference, there was a 'moment' that occurred at the Conference - a game changer for the US mountain biking trail systems," said Pedro's Matt Simpson. "We had made the decision as a team to reenter mountain biking; this pledge was our opportunity to walk our talk."

In a letter sent to Pedro's partners and supporters this past Sunday evening, Simpson urged readers to react to the potential disappearance of 100's of miles of mountain bike trails around the nation.
$20,000 over two years is the projected minimum that was agreed upon by the Pedro's staff but, far from recklessly ambitious, the team expects to double that amount in the consequent third and fourth years. To achieve the pledged amount, Pedro's will join forces with other key influencers, including, Root 66, and to create innovative partnerships aligned to achieving the stated goal.
"We are very excited to work with everyone at Pedro's to launch the IMBA Public Lands Initiative; this will help overcome decades of insufficient mountain bike access," said Rich Cook, IMBA's development director. "It's bad public policy to limit a popular outdoor activity at a time when the nation is growing obese, kids are disconnected from nature and threats to healthy ecosystems are not being addressed. Mountain bicycling offers a real solution to all of these issues and we need every rider involved."
This pledge supports Pedro's recent statement to reinvigorate the off-road origins of the brand through the quality and performance of its products.
Pedro's wasted no time in delivering on its pledge. Right now visitors to 3point5.comcan either make a donation or contribute support by making a purchase from To access the webstore there, contact
Pedro's asks that you visit pedros.comor one of its other campaign partners in the coming weeks to find out how to take action to help halt the disappearance of mountain bike trails.

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